Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral, a bold, sassy hue that creates a warm, comforting, and nurturing feeling in the home. With its ebullient nature, Living Coral adds the drama of vivid color to any room.


blue and coral living room

There’s nothing shy or retiring about this hue and that’s probably why I love it. As I looked through images of past photo shoots we’ve created, I noticed that I’ve used this color a lot recently. From entire walls to a vase of flowers, coral makes a “look at me!” statement. Paired with blue—its natural complement—and mixed with color cousins pink and orange, it really stands out.


Ngala Trading Ardmore

If bright, assertive color isn’t your thing, try introducing Living Coral or one of its less vibrant cousins in a smaller way. Textiles like Ngala Trading’s tablecloth design in coral bring a lot of color to a space in an affordable and less permanent fashion than paint or upholstery.


Chair with coral stripe seat

Or bring in a few pops of coral with accents like chair upholstery (or a tote bag—both of these decorative elements made from old t-shirts).


Orange and coral living room

Artwork, a lampshade or pillows offer more ways to bring in a vibrant color in a small way.


Tshirt headboard and coral bedding

Expand your commitment to coral with bedding and squares of mixed hues in a headboard made from tshirt fabrics.


Coral bedroom

Painting an entire room in this vivid hue might be a bit intimidating to the color shy, but an accent wall splashed in coral can really make a space something special. Keep other rooms light and neutral to allow coral to shine in all its glory.


coral paint of the year


Living Coral is a jazzy, animated shade but it has lots of relatives that lean more to the pink and rose or peach and orange side of the color wheel. Experiment with tints to see where you lean on the spectrum.



Break up the accent wall color with a splash of pattern. Opt for one of York Wallcovering’s delicious wallpapers like One Wish or, if you’re crafty, try a stenciled paint application.

Are you on board? If so, check out some of these products in vibrant coral that caught our eyes.


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