There’s no doubt that the most intriguing rooms are a pleasing play of color, pattern and texture: a multilayered mix that gratifies both the eye and the soul.

Patterned bedroom

Power up with pattern. Once you have your neutral base, (see our monochrome decor here) you can easily layer on vibrance via some new accessories. When you’re ready to vary the look, inject jolts of color and pattern—a few pillows here, different draperies there. Have fun! Shop wisely at sales, surf the net for deals or bring down stuff that’s been languishing in the attic.

Pile of patterned pillows

A slew of pillows starts this particular transformation: Bold prints in blue, orange and russet hues enhance the bed. Let the sun shine in with sunset-tinted pom-pom shams. Place the patterned shams behind neutral ones for oomph.

Lamp and window shade

Much more subtle, but still impactful, is the bamboo shade. It picks up the browns of the original scheme yet adds a degree of depth along with rustic texture. Lend interest to a classic gourd-shape lamp base with a subtly patterned shade.

Chair pillow and rug

Give pizzazz to a timeless velvet chair with a splashy pillow. The cerise flower on this pillow might seem like an odd companion to the gray chair, but it works because of a similar color in the rug.

Rug detail

Another bright touch turns up in the geometric shag rug. Besides the eye-catching color and pattern, the deep pile imparts a luxurious texture.

In our next post, we really crank up the color charge in stage three of our bedroom transformation. Don’t miss it!

Photography by Chris Hennessey


© Caruth Studio

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