Play with patterns, texture and hues to create a bedroom that delights and dazzles.

Chair rug and curtain

See how you like the changes you’ve implemented (see our last post), and as you build confidence— and you will!—take it to the next level. Throw in a surprise or two. Save on basic items and splurge on an exotic lamp, perhaps, or a vivid quilt. Since you’ve already established such a smart foundation, you can do almost anything.

Metal artwork and bedding

Pile on the surprises; it’s time to have some fun! Start with a gutsier paint color; this soft violet still reads neutral but packs more punch. It’s the ideal showcase for a stunning metal artwork.  An arresting piece of abstract art like this adds an instant wow factor. Additional patterns (quilt, pillow, window panel) intensify the playful ambience.

Colorful Bed pillows in orang blues and reds

Don’t stint on pillows. The more the merrier is the adage here. Mix patterns, textures, colors, sizes.

Patterned quilt detail

Play with pattern. As long as there is a coordinating color thread—here it’s red-violet and orange—you can mix florals, geometrics, whatever. Note how well the folkloric quilt goes with the rug.

Cowrie shell pendant

Create a vignette. From the shells of the pendant to the burnt wood of the bamboo shade, this cozy corner is a medley of naturals. Complementing it all: a dark floral fringed window panel.

Pendant and nightstand

Ground the space with a midcentury modern nightstand in warm wood tones.

Colorful bedroom overall

Throughout its incarnations, this bedroom offered the niftiest of nuances. The velvet quilt, for instance, boasts chevron stitching; the pillows don’t match, but they do meld; the metal art echoes the chair’s nailheads.
Colors make surprising appearances. Purple shades vary from pastel lavenders to grape to red-violet, then mix with greens, oranges and grays. Try new hues and patterns—you may be pleasantly surprised by the results while building your color confidence along the way.

Photography by Chris Hennessey


© Caruth Studio

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