So many tempting treasures on display, but which deserve to go home with you? Here are our top picks.

Vintage scale

Designed to weigh everything from gold dust to letters to produce to babies, scales come in countless sizes and styles. Many are ornate, with brass details, wrought-iron frames and extravagantly painted dials. Give your imagination free rein and use these vintage finds as centerpieces, hanging planters, bookends, candleholders and more.

Vintage textiles

Find inspiration in a stack of lovely fabrics: Think table runners, throws, bed scarves. Cover an ottoman with a sturdy remnant, or ad-lib a shawl with delicate sari silk. These gorgeous kanthas are ready to provide snuggly warmth by the fire or on a bed.

Vintage kitchen cabinet

Storage and display pieces always come in handy. A well-made cabinet is a welcome addition, anywhere, anytime.

Vintage books

Perusing a screen is fine, but there are ways electronics can’t compete: Nothing warms a room like a shelf full of brightly bound books. And who knows? You may come across some great reading material!

Vintage costume jewelry

It’s a joy just to gaze upon a bright jumble of jewels from yesteryear, and an even bigger pleasure to wear them. Find the perfect starburst pin to spiff up a little black dress, or an elegant parure to elevate a twinset. Better yet, restring your vintage baubles in your own design.

Vintage typewriter

Cool manual typewriters are in demand, attracting avid collectors including Tom Hanks—he’s even written a book on them. Grab ’em while you can.

Vintage telephones

Back when telephones weren’t smart or portable, these beauties had a sculptural quality of their own. Some have a definite Art Deco styling with decorative bands of contrasting chrome. Look for examples with unique features.

Vintage trophy

Never the athletic type? No worries! Keep an eye out for unusual prizes with quirky inscriptions to grace your mantel. Maybe some of your awards will be worth their weight in silver.

Vintage fabrics

Use elegant or funky old tablecloths, tea towels and the like for their original purpose. Or if you’re handy, recycle them as place mats, pillow covers or dresser scarves.

Vintage lamps

Talk about mood lighting: The right lamp creates a theme or sets the tone. Spruce up a tired fixture with a new shade or a quick spray of vivid color.

Vintage metal artwork

Metal wall sculptures were all the rage in the 50s through the mid 70s. Usually in earthy tones and abstract designs, these gorgeous pieces are ideal for a midcentury or boho room makeover.

Vintage silverware

Retired flatware has a satisfying heft; its subtle gleam and endless patterns delight the eye. Use it on the table or get creative with mismatched pieces as drawer pulls, chimes, even a chandelier.


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