Assuming you plan to get any rest at all, the bedroom zone of your space will get the most use of any other area so make sure it’s clean, comfortable, and free of the “eeww” factor. And since you can’t hide it, make it appealing, too.


1″ 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper, Twin Xl, Medium, $119,

Standard issue mattresses aren’t known for cushy comfort. Add your own for a blissful night’s sleep.





Extra Long Twin Room Essentials Mattress Pad, $6.99,

Get one. Even if you’re not a germophobe, a decent mattress pad on a dorm bed is a must-have; in a guest room, it’s thoughtful.





Belo Aqua Extra-Long Twin Sheet Set, $29.97,

Don’t short-sheet the bed—get the best you can afford for long-lasting comfort. With back-to-school sales going on, this is the time to stock up.


SophiaReversibleComforterSet2Sophia Reversible Comforter Set, $33.95,

Pretty bedding will motivate you to make the bed every morning. And in a small room, that simple action will have a big impact on how you feel about the space.




Sandra Quilt Set in Turquoise, $55.95,

Add a strip of color across the foot of the bed with a coordinating quilt or coverlet. It’ll provide another layer of interest as well as warmth on chilly nights.




ScreenShot20150804at114734AM2 Piece 100% Cotton Diamond Pattern Throws in Dove Grey, $39.99,

We admit it, we’re suckers for cool pillows and throws. Having a few options can change or refresh a room’s look in a snap.



Rest Indoor/Outdoor Reading pillow, $59.95,

Turn the bed into a chaise longue. In a small bedroom where seating is at a premium, it’s nice to have choices.




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