We all have a unique relationship with our mothers—even siblings within a family can say that. But I think most of us agree that we are who we are in some way because of our moms. I can only speak about motherhood as I’ve experienced it, as a parent, a child and a grandchild. In my life, my mom and grandma were very influential in positive ways that make me grateful that I had such wonderful role models and memories. Yet their lives were very different from mine and I found my own way of mothering my kids. (Only they can say whether I succeeded.) I have loved every minute of being a parent, even at its most challenging moments. And that experience only heightened my appreciation for what Mom and Grandma had tolerated and taught.

Grandmas and daughters

The lessons I learned from my mentors that carried over into my life as a mother were the importance of unconditional love, the benefit of encouraging self-esteem and the need to be fair, to foster compassion for and acceptance of others. Parents are responsible for the values of the generation that follows, and that’s a job not to be taken lightly.

Girls and grannies

Fortunately, the easiest way to teach is by example. We may stumble from time to time but the willingness to admit failures and strive to do better are teaching moments, too. I owe my mom and grandmother so much for showing me these things over the years and my kids, as well, for the impetus to be a better person in their eyes.

Happy Mother’s Day, Ladies!

Be good and gracious to yourselves.


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