With a little imagination and good use of space, you can put together a frightening outdoor Halloween display in even the tightest quarters.

Skeleton and spiders

Not everyone has the luxury of a wide yard and full porch to indulge their love of Halloween decor (see our full-blown efforts here). This clever couple made the best use they could of a small stoop, an arbor and tiny side garden to showcase a wicked welcome at their front door.

Skeleton digging a grave

First to greet guests is a gravedigger who’s obviously seen better days himself.

skeleton falling out of coffin as another digs a hole

The skeleton is wired to a length of rebar that provides stability in October winds. A protesting cadaver fills a vinyl coffin between plants on the ground.

Spiders and hanging skeleton

An arbor over the front door provides support for scary spiders spinning a web around a suspended stiff. Those eerie red eyes will have trick-or-treaters thinking twice about coming up the steps.

Cauldron creeper stirring a pot on porch

The other side of the porch plays host to a hair-raising spook who hails visitors with macabre moves and menacing messages.

Cauldron creeper next to the front door

He stirs a cauldron that glows and smokes creating a spine-tingling scene in a very small corner.

Black fabric around creeper

Black fabric draped around the figure and over the arbor makes an atmospheric backdrop for the frightening phantom.

Skeleton on stoop laughing with a hanging lantern

Sitting on the stoop, another corpse lights the way. A daunting doorstep indeed!
Happy Halloween!

© Caruth Studio