Decorating for Halloween: Ship-Shape Skeletons

Scurvy skeletons cavorting around a sea-worthy vessel turn a front-yard obstruction into frightful outdoor Halloween decor.


skeleton pirate crew on the elevated boat in a suburban driveway decorated with pirate flag, skeleton fish, and a chest of booty

Six months of the year, our driveway plays host to a fishing boat. While it’s great for lake outings on weekends or longer excursions, most weekdays it just sits there taking up space. This year, we decided to rope it into our annual outdoor Halloween display with the addition of a few skeletal scallywags.

If you want to see last year’s display check this out:

Decorating for Halloween: Skeleton Crew


pirate flag with skull with eyepatch and red headscarf and crossbones flapping in the breezes

First thing to do: plant a flag. Flying a jolly roger at the prow proclaims a pirate ship’s nefarious exploits.


Captain Jack Skeleton at the helm - enjoying life, or the after life

Next, we placed a captain at the helm.


Captian Jack skeleton in command of his ship, enjoying the ride with his one good eye, the other covered by a black eyepatch and red headscarf

Wrap a bandana around his head, add an eyepatch, and a plain skeleton becomes a bony buccaneer.


skeleton dog on the boat for a ride on the open seas - completed ensemble with matching red scarf

Captain Barbossa had his monkey—suburban pirates opt for something a bit less exotic.


relaxing smiling skeleton pirate fishing for skeleton fish - he's got a bite! explains the smile

The ship’s bosun works on scaring up dinner with a baited fishing pole.


two skeletons on a boat both wearing read head scarves - one skeleton is driving the boat, the other is relaxing a fishing

With a corncob pipe clamped between his teeth and feet up on the gunwale, he’s oblivious to the action at the other end of the boat.


suave pirate with wooden peg leg, gold tooth, eye patch, and nice red scarf around the waist, and stripped blue and white headscarf and skeleton parrot friend attempting to board the ship

Look alive, me hearties! The ship’s about to be boarded.


blue and white bandana on a smiling, gold-tooth skeleton with an eyepatch and her skeleton parrot buddy on her shoulder

With his trusty parrot sidekick, this bilge rat is looking for loot and ready to send the crew to Davy Jones’ Locker. After all, no prey, no pay.


Skeleton pirate with peg leg climbing into the boat with hook hand (she's had a rough life) to grab the treasure

A coffer of treasure awaits in the forecastle.


treasure chest booty full of coins, beads, silver and gold

Shiver me timbers, that be a motherload of booty! Arr! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)


three pirate skeletons on a boat complete with pirate flag, skeleton dog and 2 caught skeleton fish on fishing line

Happy Halloween, mateys!


© Caruth Studio

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  1. This is hilarious!

  2. Debra Steilen

    What a glorious display of creativity!

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