Add a fright factor to your living room with a creepy corner starring an easy-to-make mummy pillow.


over all of the spooky library setting with ghosts, pumpkins, a mummy pillow and decorated bookcases

Even if you don’t want to festoon your home in cobwebs and jack-o’-lanterns, you can add a hint of horror with a few simple accents. Fashion a spine-chilling scene on a shelf or side table then, toss your moaning mummy pillow onto a chair or chaise. Instant eek.


materials laid out that are needed to create the mummy pillow

To make the pillow, gather a few materials: a plain white pillow (ours is from IKEA), scraps of wool felt in black and light gray (officially “driftwood”), white thread, sewing needle, safety pins, scissors, and cheesecloth.


the finished wrapped pillow in white gauze

Remove the cheesecloth from the bag and unwind into one long strip. Secure the end of the strip on the top left corner of the pillow back with a safety pin. Wind the cheesecloth around the pillow, gradually covering it from top to bottom, pinning on the back as necessary to secure the cheesecloth. Leave a gap near the front center of the pillow.

TIP: if you want your design to be permanent, use a hot glue gun and glue sticks to adhere the cheesecloth to the pillow, but limit its use to the back of the pillow.


the three sets of circles to create the mummy eyes next to the wrapped pillow

Cut two small circles of black felt for the eyes. Cut two slightly larger circles from the light gray. And again, using the black felt, cut two more circles larger than the gray ones.


close up of the eyes on the spooky mummy pillow

Stack the circles of felt and stitch the layers together using the thread and needle. Add several stitches from the center to the edge of the smallest circle to create a highlight in the eye. When finished, use a tiny straight stitch to tack each eye to the pillow in the gap, tucking under the cheesecloth slightly.
When Halloween’s over, snip the stitch holding the felt eyes, remove the safety pins and unwind the cheesecloth—your pillow is ready to use for another holiday.


mummy pillow on the chaise in front of the bookcases

Place your pillow on a chair, sofa or chaise amid other eerie elements.


framed ghostly skeleton image with three singing ghost figurines to the right

On a side table next to our chaise, we’ve added a trio of ghostly figures accompanied by a monstrous lenticular portrait in a frightful frame.


bowl full of four grapefruit-size eyeballs

Bookshelves support gruesome groupings behind the chaise. A platter of unnerving eyeballs overlook the scene.


framed skull string art between two mummy lamps, behind a rat skeleton, glass ball and pumpkin

Mummy candlesticks light up a vignette including skeletal string art.


framed skull sting art

Made from reclaimed wood, white cord, and black upholstery tacks, the grisly graphic is an intriguing creation.


rat skeleton eating a pumpkin next to a skull with a masquerade mask

A masked skull flashes a ghoulish grin while a dessicated mouse attacks a plump pumpkin.


Mummy pillow on chaise in the corner of the halloween theme decorated library

Altogether, the morbid mix of grim accents makes a nightmarish tableau in a secluded corner.

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