Add some free-spirited design to your bedside with a nightstand styled in a bohemian blend of color, pattern, and texture. Try these steps to bring carefree individuality to your personal sanctuary.


Boho nightstand step one

This maple side table—an inexpensive nightstand option from IKEA—provides a neutral base for everything to come.


Boho nightstand step two

An old brass lamp lacquered in a glossy coat of raspberry pink spray paint brings a tired accent roaring back to vibrant life.  A small alarm clock (another IKEA bargain), and a purple waffle plant in a vintage McCoy African violet pot fill in the surface.


Boho nightstand lampshade

Embroidered details in floss and crewel yarns paired with felt flower petals generate dimension and drama. The details also give a dynamic sensation of movement to the drum lampshade.


Boho nightstand step three

A basket to hold jewelry or pocket contents at the end of the day is an essential add-on to a bedside table.


Boho nightstand jewelry basket

This hand woven African grass basket enhances the grouping with a touch of global style.


Boho nightstand step four

A tea towel stands in as a runner to keep displayed items from scratching the table’s surface and brings vivid pattern in rich jewel tones to the plain tabletop.


Boho nightstand typography

Typography elements are always a great custom decorating choice. There’s really nothing like putting your monogram right on the table. A hand painted one is even more creative.


Boho nightstand African basket

Tuck a generous zig-zag patterned basket under the table to hold an Indian kantha quilt at the ready for cozy snuggles on the bed while reading or watching TV.


Boho nightstand step five

Place a short stack of favorite classic novels under your alarm clock to complete this free-flowing mix of bold patterns, rich colors, and textured baskets.


Boho nightstand decoration annimation

And there you have it! A beautifully styled, bohemian nightstand with touch of global flare and the right amount of comfort.


Plant courtesy of Costa Farms,


© Caruth Studio

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