Give your bedroom a cottage vibe by styling a turned-leg table with vintage-style treasures and nighttime necessities. Follow these steps to bring collected character to your bedside stand.


plain white cottage style nightstand in front of a blank blue wall

Rescue an old painted side table (turned legs are a plus) to create this charming setup. The drawer offers discreet storage for eyewear, a journal or a racy novel.


nightstand with lamp and clock

With your novel or journal in hand, you need some task lighting nearby. A vintage desk lamp is ideal; it can be adjusted to direct the light just where you need it. And, of course, there are days when lolling in bed isn’t in the cards, so an alarm clock is a necessity, too.


detail of big ben clock on top of blue books

These old clocks are workhorses that just keep on ticking and they’re so much more appealing than their digital descendants, don’t you think?


nightstand with a jewelry tray, lamp and clock which is now on a short stack of books

Give the clock some prominence on your nightstand by elevating it on a stack of vintage books. Then, add a jewelry tray where you can drop your gems or pocket contents at the end of the day.


Cottage Nightstand Jewelry Tray with a ring, watch and necklace in it

This scalloped and embossed dish with a distressed finish suits our cottage style well but any collectible tray or bowl will do the trick as long as it works with your color scheme and overall design.


nightstand with clock on books, a lamp, jewelry tray, a vase of flowers on the top and stacked boxes on the bottom shelf

In an open design like this table, a pair of nesting boxes offers enclosed storage on a lower shelf.


two white boxes stacked on top of each other resting on the lower shelf of the nightstand

The distressed painted wood and burlap boxes can hold photos, remotes and any other small fiddly things that can clutter a nightstand.


cut flowers in a vase on top of the nightstand

Cut flowers or a potted plant bring a breath of fresh air and vivid color to any space and there’s no reason to neglect your bedroom. Keep an arrangement or potting simple and ensure that it gets light and water (refresh water daily for cut flowers) as needed.


floral watercolor hung over the decorated cottage style nightstand

Raise the height of your task lamp with another stack of books to make enough space on the wall for a small work of art.


framed floral watercolor hanging on the wall above the nightstand

A pretty watercolor of a cutting garden in a distressed frame augments the cottage styling of the nightstand and echoes the fresh floral arrangement on the tabletop. The small artwork completes and balances your bedside design.


animation of dressing a cottage style nightstand


© Caruth Studio

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