Want something a little more original at your bedside? Opt for a unique nightstand and style it accordingly.


Nightstand styling step 1

Simplify bedside storage with a sleek midcentury modern nightstand set on tapered legs. This model’s small cabinet and drawers keep personal items hidden.


Nightstand styling step 2

Next, top it with a table lamp—who doesn’t like to read in bed? We chose an affordable accent size with an injection of pastel color and a simple white shade. Then, include a style-apt vintage Big Ben alarm clock.


Nightstand styling step 3

Balance the weight of the table lamp with framed artwork on the wall. Choose a frame—like this simple gilded wood—that works well with the furnishings.


Nightstand styling step 4

Books convey warmth in any space so we’ve added a few to our nightstand, both for late-night reading and to elevate our clock.


Nightstand styling step 5

Our last touches: a jewelry tray and a few succulent plants to bring a bit of life to the bedside tabletop.


Nightstand jewelry tray

Everyone needs a spot to drop jewelry or pocket contents at the end of the day. This midcentury modern boomerang ashtray makes an admirable jewelry cache.


Nightstand alarm clock atop a decorative book flanked by two succulants

Tiny succulents in small containers like sea urchins and ceramic pots don’t require much fussing so they’re ideal for restful spaces like bedrooms.


Framed artwork hanging above and to the left of the nightstand

For our artwork, we selected a delicate Chagall print from the early 1950s, which works well with our midcentury furnishings and complements the personal intimacy of a bedroom.


steps to dressing a night stand

© Caruth Studio

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