Vintage-inspired bars make an outdoor happy hour even happier. You can create a backyard libation station from old furnishings or architectural salvage. Here are a few easy ideas.

An old plant stand

wicker bar with a basket of citrus fruits and metal deck chair

An old wicker plant stand offers a deep well that’s ideal for stocking whiskeys, liquors, liqueurs and mixes.


wicker bar full of liquor and citrus fruits

A single stand holds a surprising number of bottles, while a multi-tier stand could be outfitted as a full bar.


liquor filled wicker bar with botanical wall mural

Place the bar in a protected area such as a porch, three-season room, or on the deck beneath the eaves of the house. Give your bar extra presence with a textured backdrop or a eye-grabbing work of art.


assorted alcohols in a wicker bar

This stand is deep enough for two rows of bottles but we added a 2×4 board to the bottom to give the back row a lift and make those bottles more visible.


citrus fruits in a woven basket

Keep a supply of citrus fruits handy for flavoring and garnishing drinks. A mix of lemons, limes and oranges fills this basket and adds a punch of color down low.

A Repurposed Vintage Door

repurposed door remade as a bar

An old salvaged entry door makes a perfect backdrop for an improvised outdoor bar. It’s compact but makes a big statement.


two layers of booze and a silver tray on this repurposed door bar

A small bench placed atop a larger one and secured to the door creates a two-tier surface for storage and service.


silver tray with a cocktail shaker and two martini glasses on repurposed door bar

Topping your service surface with a tray makes it easy to mix and hand around drinks when you have several guests. Keep some cheeky cocktail napkins handy.


bar towels hanging from the repurposed door where the glass window would have been

Pretty tea towels hanging from small hooks fill the window space in the salvaged door. You could also hang a series of bar tools here. And why not some twinkle lights while you’re at it?

From Old Shipping Pallets

outdoor pallet bar with two beer taps and a lighted Cheers sign

Build a unique serving station and keg stand with old shipping pallets. We made one for a beer-tasting party but it can be stocked with wine or liquor, too. See how we made it here.


minimalist modern palette bar with two bar stools and drinks

Another option for a shipping pallet bar is this full-on bartender-friendly setup. We’ll show you how we made it in our next post. Don’t miss it!


© Caruth Studio

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