Get your tools and gardening utensils organized with an easy outdoor project made from a salvaged shipping pallet.


Tools on painted pallet

We’ve been blessed by a seemingly endless supply of free shipping pallets from a local business that is only too happy for us to cart them away. If you’re selective, the pallets are an economical source of construction material that can be repurposed in many ways.


Pallet tool station

A quick search on Pinterest can provide plenty of inspiration. That’s where we found this idea for a tool station that puts your landscaping tools right where you need them—in the garden. Inspect any pallets or boards carefully before using them. Look for nails, signs of pest infestation and anything that may compromise stability.


Garden tools on pallet

We hung our tool station on the privacy fence near the borders, but a protected spot under the eaves of the house would be even better. Paint your pallet in a color that works with your garden plantings or garden decor. Attach large screws to the pallet to hang small shovels and pruners.


Hose on pallet

Mount a sturdy garden-hose holder to the pallet, too.


Twine on pallet shelf

We added a shelf to the top of the pallet by nailing a 1×2 to the pallet and screwing another 1×2 on top of the other at a 90-degree angle. It’s just deep enough to stash twine, terra cotta pots, plant markers and other supplies.


Toy tractor on pallet shelf

Of course, it’s a great spot for showing off a few collectibles, too.


Cup hooks for planting tools

Add cup hooks below the shelf to hang hand tools.


Gardening hand tools

If your wood-handled gardening tools don’t already come with handy holes for hanging, use a large bit to drill holes through the handles near the end of the grip. Run lengths of leather cord (boot laces work, too) through the holes and tie ends together in a knot.


Plants hanging on pallet

Add a little life to the tool station with small potted plants.


Hose clamp plant holder

Stainless-steel hose clamps (the large kind used for automotive and plumbing repairs) hold the little terra cotta pots. Attach the clamps to the pallet with wood screws.


Potted plants on pallet

Tiny alpine plants or succulents are perfect choices for filling your hanging pots.

We’d love to see how you’ve repurposed shipping pallets or other reclaimed wood in your garden. Tell us in the comments section below or show us on our Facebook page. We’ll have a few more ideas in the coming days, too!


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