Gather up old hardback textbooks or damaged novels to create page-turning decor that showcases your love of the printed word and gives the word bookshelf a whole new meaning.


Book with folded pages

What You’ll Need

  • Book
  • Bone folder (optional)
  • Glue stick (optional)
  • Level
  • Drill/driver and bits
  • Screws or wall anchors


Folding book pages

Get cracking! Choose hardbacks with lots of pages to ensure you have a sturdy spot. Lay the book with pages facing up on your work space. Open the book to its center pages. Push down on both sides of the book to crack its spine.

Fold back pages, pulling the lower outer corner of each page toward the center spine. Press the fold with your fingers or with a bone folder. Secure with a swipe of a glue stick, if desired.


Folded book pages

Repeat until all pages are folded and secured.


Folded book shelf hanging on the wall

Strategically situate the shelf. If you will be using the bookshelf for showcasing weighty items, attach the shelf to wall studs or use wall anchors. Hold the bookshelf on the wall; mark its placement using a level and a pencil.


Drill holes in book cover

Drill screw holes in wall and in appropriate spots on the book’s back and front covers.


Screw book to wall

Align the bookshelf with the pencil line on the wall. Align holes in book covers with holes in wall, and then screw in place.


Folded book shelf with steampunk bird and flowers

Compose an exhibit. Top the shelf with art objects that deserve a place in the spotlight.


© Caruth Studio

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