The trick to vanity-top organization is containment—and although newly purchased caddies can tidy up most items, a vanity tray keeps everything neat and handy. Atop a tray you can corral perfumes, a vase to stow brushes, an ashtray or shell to gather jewelry. Canisters might hoard cotton balls and swabs while desk organizers could act as makeup receptacles. Just sort everything by category and you’ll hone your beauty routine as well as your bathroom

materials for painted jewelry shell

What You’ll Need

  • Large scallop shell
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Small paint brush
Materials for vanity tray
  • Piece of white marble
  • Clear rubber “feet”
  • Measuring tape
  • Two drawer pulls
  • Painter’s tape, pencil
  • Safety goggles
  • Drill and diamond bit
Painting jewelry shell

With a small brush, coat inner part of shell with gold paint; let dry. Apply a second coat.

mark screw holes on tray

Attach rubber adhesive feet to bottom corners of the marble to lift it off the counter. Turn marble over and measure placement of drawer pulls, making sure you don’t get too close to the edge. Mark where screws will go with pencil on painter’s tape (This helps keep drill from slipping). Drill holes for screws. Insert screws.

Vanity tray

Flip marble over and affix pulls to top of marble. Fini!
Place your containers on top the tray with the items you use most often closest to hand and enjoy your clutter-free countertop.

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