Blow the dust off those boxes of old photographs and craft some engaging accents and sweet gifts for family and friends while celebrating times past. Scan and print or photocopy images so that you’re not damaging original well-loved photos.


Spark some memories and dress up a clear cell phone case for yourself or a friend.

You will need:
Clear phone case
Craft knife and cutting mat
Measuring tape
Mod Podge
Photo print

Measure your phone cover and print image to the appropriate size. Trim the image with the craft knife.
Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the area of the photo that you want to highlight. Sprinkle the area with a layer of glitter. Shake off to remove excess glitter. Reapply if necessary to get complete coverage of the area. Let it dry.
Insert photo into the cover and snap the cover onto the phone.


Surround a mirror in a frame of fab old photos.

You will need:
Platter or charger
Mod Podge
Copies of photos
Foam mounting tape
Plate hanger or hanging strips

Cut out images to desired shape and size. Play with a random arrangement of images on the top of the platter or charger.
When you’re happy with the arrangement, brush Mod Podge onto the back of each image and apply to the platter.
Let dry thoroughly (at least 24 hours to ensure all layers are completely dry).
Brush Mod Podge over the entire surface of the platter in an even coat. Let dry completely. Add one or two coats (allowing plenty of drying time between coats) over the entire surface to seal and protect the images.
Attach the mirror to the center of the platter or charger using foam mounting tape. Hang the platter on the wall with a plate hanger or 3M Command strips, stand on a plate holder, or lean the mirror on a shelf.


Make cute magnets from favorite photos and funny faces that will make you smile each time you use them.

You will need:
Bottle Caps
1-inch Epoxy Stickers for bottle caps
1-inch round paper punch
Selection of photos
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Print a variety of photos in a size that will give you the desired image element at approximately 1¼-inch size. Be sure that the subject of the photo will be recognizable at that size. Cropping in on faces or objects in photos work best for this project.
Using the round paper punch, punch out the image you want to use. Insert image face-up into the center of the bottle cap. Top it with an epoxy sticker to secure it in place.
Permanently attach a magnet to the back of the bottle cap with a dab of glue from the hot glue gun. Let dry completely. Use the magnets to post messages and reminders on a family command-center billboard or to display children’s art on the fridge.


Add an extra layer of interest to a plain floral vase with a vintage photo.

You will need:
Glass vase (straight-sided vessels work especially well)
Lazertran Waterslide Decal Paper for inkjet printers
Print of a photograph
Craft knife and cutting mat
Oil-based polyurethane

Print or copy your image onto Lazertran paper. Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes.
Lay vase or other object onto the image and trace shape. Trim the paper to size. Soak the paper in water for about 30 seconds until decal releases from the backing sheet.
Apply the image to the surface of the vase or object. To give your decal a clear finish, apply 2-3 coats of oil-based polyurethane, allowing each coat to dry between applications.


Create this project to celebrate a new baby or mark a family occasion.

You will need:
Piece of architectural salvage or similar item
½-inch hardware cloth or wire screen
Wire cutter
Staple gun
Twine and a large-eye tapestry needle
Washi tape
Mini clothespins
Old photos

Cut ¼-inch hardware cloth or wire screen to the size of your piece of architectural salvage (an old oval window frame or picture frame will work as well). Attach the cloth or screen to the back using a staple gun.
Using the tapestry needle and twine, stitch a tree shape into the cloth or screen (you may want to trace an image onto the cloth/screen before stitching to guide your design).
Decorate mini clothespins with washi tape and clip old photos to the wire with the pins. Fold washi tape over a small length of twine and cut into a pennant shape. Add several more pieces to resemble a garland of flags. Tie the twine to an upper edge of the screen as seen in the photo.
Embellish the framed cloth/screen as desired with other ephemera and scrapbooking elements or letters. Hang on the wall or lean on a shelf or mantel.


Projects produced by Angie Packer
Photography by Kevin Netz

 © Caruth Studio

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