It’s a very small space and often a shared one, too, so tidiness is more than a good intention; it’s essential for your mental health. Even if you choose to ignore all the studies that show an organized environment increases productivity and improves your outlook, who wants to waste time searching through laundry piles to find the game controller? Check out these must-haves.


Water Hyacinth Bins, $7.99-12.99,

Pretty enough to display on open shelves, these woven baskets bring storage and warm texture to the room.





SVIRA box with lid, $7.99-9.99,

Tuck seasonal or occasional necessities away in lidded boxes that offer good looks while stashing your stuff.






Underbed shoe organizer, $19.99,

Stowing shoes under the bed makes the most of every inch of storage space while indulging every girl’s (and stylish guy’s) guilty pleasures.





Wire Baskets, $14.95 – $16.95,

Lightweight and affordable, these wire baskets are lined to keep the small stuff contained.





Diamond Accessory Storage Organizer, $22,

This visually appealing hanger makes an attractive and organized display of scarves, belts, and more.








HYFS drawer organizer box combination in gray, $11.98,

Keep accessories and drawers tidy with set of box inserts.






Spa Basket in Water, $4.95,

An essential in any dorm room, a basket for toiletries is also a handy and thoughtful tool for a guest room, especially if a shared bath is in the cards.





Lapis Fouta Bath Towel, $43.99,

Less fluff, more room to stack. These soft and absorbent towels fold so flat that you can keep a large supply in a very small space.





Pop Up Hamper in Ocean Blue, $12.95,

Keep your closet ship-shape with this pop-open mesh hamper in a sea-worthy hue.





Laundry Backpack, $25,

Whether you’re taking a bundle down to the laundry room or toting weeks-worth of clothes home for a wash, this backpack transports your dirty duds with ease.




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Black & Decker Easy Steam Iron, $25 and Household Essentials Tabletop Ironing Board, $16,

With this iron and board set, you’ll have no excuse for wrinkles to offer that mom-voice in the back of your head.

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