Create More Space On Your Desk


Dorm desks aren’t very big. And the space you do have will probably be used for more than just studying. But with just a few of our simple tips, you can maximize your desk and work smarter!

Go Vertical

Stackable desktop collections are a lifesaver when it comes to dorms. If you’re one for dividing and conquering your work, use stackable file organizers and inboxes/outboxes to maximize storage space without taking up all the space on your desktop. Adding a hutch is another way to create more surface area and clear things like books and pencil cups off your desk.

Make Use of Drawers

Drawer organizers are a great way to maximize every inch of drawer space. If your desk has deep drawers, consider stacking organizers that give you access to items stored below. If your desk doesn’t have many drawers, think about creating some with a mobile drawer unit.

Have a Place for Everything

If your desk is where you dump everything when you come in, it will quickly get buried. Help keep your desktop clear by creating a home for your keys, backpack and books. You can use bins, baskets, drawers and labels to keep everything organized and easy to access at a moment’s notice!

Clever Small Space Shoe Storage


If the shoe fits…bring it! Smaller spaces seem crunched until you learn a few of these tricks to open up your space to all the shoe storage your collection could dream of!


Maximize storage by using the space under your bed to organize your shoes. By using sliding and rolling under-bed storage, you’ll have room for all your shoes while keeping them out of sight and in order.

Behind a Door

Closet doors can become a perfect space to store your shoes off the floor and out of the way. Our solutions can hang over your door without damaging anything so you won’t have to worry about being penalized when the semester ends. And, the clear pockets of most hanging organizers make it one of the easiest ways to survey your collection, making choosing just the right shoe that much easier.

Create Levels

Another great idea to store shoes is to create levels within your closet to stack. Several of our shoe shelf options can be stacked upon one another to maximize free space in your closet that would otherwise go unused.

The “Hooked Up” Dorm Room


It’s true. Many schools don’t allow you to use nails or screws to hang things on dorm walls. But this rule doesn’t have to prevent you from decorating your dorm or making the most of your space.

Don’t let the door go to waste

Overdoor hooks let you make the most of this often-wasted space. You’ll find everything from shoe organizers and towel bars, to coat racks and storage baskets especially designed for your doors. And when you’re living in a dorm room, every square inch counts!

No nails needed!

Removable hooks rock! There are many adhesive-based hooks that can be used to hang virtually anything without damaging walls. Put one by the door to keep track of keys. Use larger hooks for jackets or hats. Adhesive spring clips are great for organizing notes or to-do lists. Suction-based hooks are also a natural in the shower for organizing shower supplies.

Cord control

Adhesive Cord Clips and Decorating Clips keep your study area from being overrun by wires. You can also use them to hang string lights around a window or any other area you want to add a bit of mood lighting to.

Smelling Like a Rose: Laundry & Cleaning Tips


One of the biggest transitions from home life to dorm life is having to clean up after yourself. This applies to almost every aspect of college from bedroom to shower to laundry. You’ll have to be accountable for yourself, but sometimes your bunkmates as well! Here are a few tips to help.

Odor Eliminators

Between eating in your room, piles of dirty clothes, windows that might not open, and taking out the trash, your dorm might not smell tiptop all the time. To make your room smell better, try air fresheners or odor eliminators. These are two great options depending on you and your roommate’s preference. If the distinct scent of an air freshener isn’t right for you, an odor eliminator that neutralizes odors might be just what you need to make your room smell fresher.

Cleaning Supplies Quick Pack

It’s always a good idea to bring cleaning supplies to the dorm, but keeping them organized and handy is key to really using them. One trick is to create a quick-grab cleaning supply pack by placing supplies together in a bucket or other container. Be sure to include glass cleaner, wipes, and old towels or a microfiber cloth that can be used wet or dry. And don’t forget to hang a small dust brush and dustpan nearby.


Chances are, you won’t do your laundry quite as often as you did at home! By doubling up on sheets, pillow cases, body towels and wash rags, you can give yourself a little leeway between trips to the laundry facility, and a lightweight hamper or drawstring bag in a stand makes the task of collecting and transporting your laundry easier from the start.

Express “You” Without Breaking the Rules


Dorms have strict rules when it comes to how you decorate, but that doesn’t have to mean a boring room. With a little creativity, you can easily create a comfy home away from home. Here are a few aspects to focus on.

Bring the Comforts of Home

Learn what comforts of home you can bring and make the most of them! That might mean frames with pictures of your loved ones, your favorite desk accessories or even an organized cart and mini fridge setup that can hold all your favorite goodies from home. These little touches will help keep you from feeling as homesick. But remember, you won’t have a lot of space. Coordinate with your roommate ahead of moving in so you don’t double up on items.

Personalize with Accessories

Lamps, corkboards, and posters will be allowed and can make for creative personal additions to any room. For these features, you can pick out design, color and size. This leaves ample room for choices that fit your personal style.

Creative Walls

Express what you can where you can. You might not be able to nail things to the wall or add permanent fixtures, but temporary designs like tiling bulletin boards or applying decorative wall cling graphics can make a room feel homey and unique in minutes without permanently fixing anything to your room. Use command hooks, colored tape and posters to add flare that’s functional (and removable).

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