Wake up a boring room with this super simple removable wall treatment made with wallpaper and decorative trim and get a bedroom makeover into the bargain.

Bedroom walls before project

Deciding what to do with a boxy bedroom can be the stuff of nightmares. A matched bedroom set and coat of paint can fill the space, but what a snore (see what I did there? Haha!).

We solved that decorating dilemma by using inexpensive trim molding and wallpaper to create decorative panels on the wall above and flanking the bed.

The wallpaper fear factor that plagues so many of us is totally eliminated for this project when you use removable mounting tape and removable wallpaper instead of more permanent nails and wallpaper glue. Because the panels can go up and be repositioned or taken down with ease, this is a great option for both renters and fickle decorators.

I’m a huge fan.

painted wall panels

The coral color on the repainted wall looks sophisticated and not too girly because of the white tailored panels and bold blue accents in varying shades that complement the orange-coral in the bedroom makeover.

Rethinking bedside tables and lighting options also breathes new life into the formerly bland and uninspired space. The wall panels create a focal point and tie the mismatched side tables and headboard-free bed together for a cohesive look.

wall panel headboard

Because the center wall panel acts as a headboard for the bed, it helps to have plenty of pillows to fill the space between the bed and the panel. I also may have a pillow addiction problem…

We used Euro-sized pillows in the back in the same color as the wall and then added standard and decorative pillows to achieve a headboard look.

how to make wall panels

How to make decorative wall panels

Even a beginning do-it-yourselfer can tackle this project. The trick is to plan ahead and measure carefully. However, if you make a mistake, you can easily remove the trim or wallpaper and try again. Before heading out to buy your materials, you can make a mock-up of your design using kraft paper. This will help you determine the exact measurements and amount of wood trim you will need to purchase.


Cut trim pieces

Gather Your Materials

  • 5-6 pieces 0.688-in x 1.375-in x 8-ft Interior Primed MDF
    Base Cap Molding (trim)

Miter box and saw

  • 12-inch miter box and saw

sandpaper wood glue corner clamp

  • Sandpaper
  • Wood Glue
  • Corner Clamp

Mounting supplies

  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Double-Sided Mounting Tape

wallpaper supplies and tools

  • Wallpaper
  •  Wallpaper brush
  • Roller
  • Penknife

Step 1 Precut wallpaper

Step 1 Pre-cut your wallpaper based on size of your center panel. One roll of wallpaper is usually sufficient. If there is a pattern on your wallpaper, cross align wallpaper to match up the pattern before cutting.

We used a textured wallpaper and painted it the same color as the wall. Using one of the many removable self-adhesive wallpapers available today will make it easy to remove or change up your frame.


Step 2 Cut molding

Step 2 Cut the molding pieces at 45-degree angles using a 12-inch miter box and saw.


Step 3 Sand the trim

Step 3 Sand the trim where you made your cuts so pieces will join together tightly.


Step 4 Apply wood glue

Step 4 Apply wood glue to join the trim to make your corners.


Step 5 Use a clamp

Step 5 Use a clamp to hold the corner pieces together while the glue dries. You will have 24 pieces to attach making the 12 corner pieces (four for each panel).


Step 6 Apply double sided tape

Step 6 Apply double sided tape to the back of your wood pieces. You don’t have run tape across the entire length of the wood, but you should make sure you have a length of tape at both ends and in the middle.


7 Use a level

Step 7 Use a level and measuring tape to map out your design on the wall. Make pencil marks outlining where you apply the wallpaper.


Step 8 apply wallpaper

Step 8 Following the manufacturer’s instructions, apply wallpaper strips to the wall at your determined location.

Use a level to be sure your placement is straight.

Use a wallpaper brush or squeegee to remove any bubbles and make sure wallpaper adheres to the wall.


Step 9 place the trim

Step 9 Remove the covering from the mounting tape to expose the adhesive. Starting at the top, place the trim pieces to frame the wallpaper panel, lining up with the outer edge of the wallpaper.

Press in place.


Bedroom after project

A plain-jane white bedroom goes glam with a coat of paint and panels made from decorative trim and wallpaper that add architectural detail to the area around the bed. A successful bedroom makeover on a budget!

Produced by Brenda Wegner
Photos by Chris Hennessey


© Caruth Studio

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