Decorate pillows and a place to put your feet. Tack pom-poms onto a plain pillow cover. Treat your tootsies to a soft landing spot by covering an old wood ottoman with a cloud of pom-poms.


Pillow decorated with pom-poms

Upgrade a soft pillow with pom-poms. They add charisma while helping this oversize accessory stay put. Yarn in a confetti-like mix adds rainbow color to handmade poms.

What You’ll Need


Decorated pillow

See the basic steps to making pom-poms here.
Make four 3” size poms.

Tip: If you don’t have access to dip-dyed yarn and you don’t want to dip-dye it yourself, you can create this confetti look by just adding in a single loop around the crème color of the accent pops of color that you want. There’s no need to tie off when you switch colors, just wrap in a few at intervals and cut, and then keep wrapping with cream yarn.


Pom-pom on pillow case corner

Using a single strand of yard and a large-eye needle, sew a pom-pom to each corner of the pillowcase.


Chair with pom-pom ottoman

Sit back and relax! This quiet corner boasts a comfy chair and a fluffy footstool.

What You’ll Need

wooden footstool before

Unscrew old legs of stool, attach new tapered legs (and new hardware plates if needed), leaving the wood natural.


Pom-pom covered footstool

Make pom-poms in two different sizes and at least two slightly different whites.


Chair with pom-pom ottoman detail

Attach the poms to top and sides of the piece using a hot glue gun, making sure to vary the sizes and colors all over for dimension.


Ottoman interior with books

Our footstool had a bonus lid to reveal storage for magazines and books inside!


Photography by Jay Wilde
Produced by Katie Leporte


© Caruth Studio

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