Just a pinch of DIY know-how and a few flea market finds can give your bedroom a unique personality and oodles of vintage style.

Flea market bedroom

A kitschy midcentury paint-by-number flamingo painting inspired our palette of soft teals and peachy pinks.


The mixture of crisp cottons and textures in the bed linens set the style for this farmhouse-chic bedroom.

Three door headboard

Three old narrow doors, cleaned and distressed, line up for an impressive but simple headboard. Metal strap ties in three rows across the back provide stability.

Botanical print on headboard rail

A narrow picture rail on the front displays mix-and-match framed botanical prints flanking the paint-by-numbers lagoon. Here’s how to get the look.

What You’ll Need

  • 3 wood doors
  • Sandpaper, fine grit
  • 6 metal strap ties (optional)
  • 2-inch wood trim
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood glue
  • Small finish nails and hammer or finish nail gun
  • Small L brackets and screws
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Framed vintage artwork

Clean old doors and sand off any grime that can’t be washed away. If you want your grouping to be extra-sturdy, screw metal strap ties to neighboring doors at top, center and bottom. Stand the doors up against the wall behind your bed (you can also attach doors to wall studs with nails for a more permanent installation).

Measure the width of the door headboard. Cut two pieces of wood trim to that length. Using wood glue, attach the two pieces along their long sides to create an L shape. Let dry and reinforce with small finish nails.

Prime the wood and let dry. Paint the wood with two coats, letting dry between each one.

Attach the picture ledge to the doors with L brackets and screws.
Prop up framed artwork along the ledge.

Packing case nightstand

The nightstand is a vintage suitcase set atop a modern welded luggage stand handmade to fit by Carla Sayklay of Vintage Chic Trading Co.

Packing case and stand detail

The case provides an ample surface for nighttime necessities and decorative items plus a large storage space inside for extra linens and blankets.

Flowers on nightstand

Gentle touches like a spray of flowers in a white pitcher and a bare-bulb light fixture brings a distinctly old-fashioned touch to the bedside.

Flea Market bedroom overall

Add depth to a small bedroom with darker tones on the other three walls. Simple curtains in solid white provide privacy while allowing the tone-on-tone pattern of the appliqued quilt and the repurposed headboard star in this show.


© Caruth Studio

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