Who doesn’t need a bedside spot to stash your baubles? Create a quick storage accent for your bedroom with this easy clay jewelry dish project. Adapt our design to fit your color scheme and style.


Blue floral bedroom

The pretty fabrics used to make the quilt dictated our vintage-style floral palette in this bedroom update. Using leftover scraps, we added pattern and color throughout the room.


Clay jewelry bowl on complimenting fabric

The suitcase stack nightstand offers an ample surface for bedside necessities, including a small bowl for catching the day’s jewelry or hair accessories. Making the bowl requires a few supplies and tools you’re likely to have on hand in your kitchen, plus affordable materials available online or at your local craft store.


Clay jewelry dish supplies

Gather Your Materials


Condition the clay

Pull about two-three ounces from a one-pound block of clay. Condition the clay by kneading it between your fingers.


Roll clay into ball

When the clay is soft and pliable, roll it into a ball and place it on your waxed paper or silicone mat.


Roll ball of clay into circle

Using the rolling pin, flatten the clay into a circle with a quarter-inch thickness.


Press cutter into clay

Press the dough cutter into the clay and remove excess clay.

If you want to forego the dough cutter, grab a cereal bowl and place it upside down on the rolled clay. Cut the clay around the rim of the bowl with an x-acto knife and remove the bowl and excess clay.


Press texture into clay

Press the texture sheet into one side of the clay circle. Roll the pin lightly over the sheet to ensure it transfers the pattern completely. Remove the sheet and press into the other side of the circle, matching the pattern as closely as possible.

You can create texture with other items, too. Press a lace or paper doily over all or part of your circle of clay. Try a decorative paint embossed roller or randomly dot the surface with an unsharpened pencil.


Remove pattern seams

Use the detail tool to minimize any pattern seams you see in your embossed design. Any utensil with a rounded tip, such as a chopstick, will work for this step.


Place clay over bowl

For the scalloped shape of our bowl, drape the clay face down over a small Pyrex bowl, ensuring that all sides are even.

To get a uniformly rounded shape, place the clay face up inside a small oven-safe glass or ceramic bowl. You may want to lightly coat the bowl interior with spray vegetable oil before adding the clay so that it is easy to remove after baking.

Bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes.


Remove baked bowl from form

After baking, remove the bowl from the form you used and place it face up on your waxed paper or silicone mat to cool completely. It will feel a bit flexible at this point but will harden as it cools.


Paint bowl with craft paint

Paint the bowl interior with craft paint, making sure paint covers the embossed design well. When dry, turn it over and paint the exterior of the bowl. Allow it to dry and go back over it with one more light coat.


Let paint dry on bowl


Let the painted bowl dry completely.

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© Caruth Studio

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