Make a pretty key tray for your entry with fabric scraps and decoupage medium to keep car and house keys corralled.


Floral entry

Floral-inspired projects and the joyful Sea Floral wallpaper from York Wallcoverings fashion a dazzling entry that welcomes you and your guests at the front door.


Floral fabric decoupage key tray

The color palette inspiration for the entry came from a group of Liberty of London fabrics in shades of pink that range from pastel to popping. After covering the chair seat, we had plenty of scraps left from our patchwork to add pattern to a plain glass tray.


Key tray supplies

To make the project, you’ll need a selection of coordinating fabrics (avoid heavy upholstery fabrics), decoupage medium like Mod Podge, a glass tray, a craft brush, a small bowl, and scissors.


Cut small pieces of fabric

Using scissors, cut small pieces of fabric. We opted for rectangles since our key tray has a rectangular shape.


Dip fabric in decoupage medium

Pour a small amount of the decoupage medium into a bowl. Dip the fabric scrap into the medium. This is messy but it cleans up very easily (it’s also a lot of fun to peel off the dried glue—shades of childhood…)


Remove excess decoupage medium

Slide your fingers over the back and front of the fabric scrap to remove excess medium.


Smooth fabric on glass tray

Place a scrap on the glass surface with the printed side facing the glass. Smooth out bubbles and wrinkles with your fingers.


Continue dipping fabric pieces

Dip more pieces and apply to the glass surface. Ensure that you get a good mix of patterns around the tray. Turn it over from time to time to watch the design come together.


Add more fabric pieces

Repeat steps with overlapping scraps until the entire outer surface of the key tray is covered. It’s okay if your scraps overlap the edges a bit, too—you can trim them later.
Let dry completely. At least 24 hours isn’t a bad idea.


Apply final coat of decoupage medium

With a brush, apply a final coat of decoupage medium over the entire bottom and sides of the tray. Let dry completely.


Trim loose threads

When finished, trim any fabric or loose threads from the edge of your key tray with scissors.


Complete key tray

Place your completed tray on an entry console table or dresser as a handy spot to drop and grab keys so they’re always easy to find.

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© Caruth Studio

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