Put leftover fabric scraps to good use by making a colorful and pattern-rich ribbon pillow that encapsulates a room’s palette.


Vintage floral bedroom

A vibrant quilt decorates the end of the bed but we wanted to bring all that gorgeous eye candy up to the head of the bed as well.


Fabric strips

We had lots of fabric strips in a variety of patterns left over from the quilt construction—ideal for an easy-to-make accent pillow. Here’s how you can make a ribbon pillow like ours.


Iron and align fabric strips

Iron the fabric strips in half lengthwise and devise a sequence of patterns and color that you like. To hold the strips in place while you create your pillow front, use a double-sided adhesive tape for fabric.


Sew front and back sides together

Once your pillow front is complete, cut a piece of fabric for the backing that’s the same size as your front. Lay the two right sides together, pin in place and sew a ½-inch seam all the way around the pillow. Leave a 3-inch opening on one side.


Turn pillow cover inside out

Turn the pillow cover inside out. Use a chopstick or finger inside the cover to push out the pillow corners so that they’re square.


Stuff pillow with polyfill

Stuff the pillow cover with polyfill. Make it nice and plump—no one likes a wimpy pillow.


Push polyfill into pillow corners

Use that chopstick again to push the polyfill into all the corners.


Close opening with pins

When it’s stuffed to your satisfaction, close the pillow opening with pins, making sure that the ribbons are folded in a tidy line (a bit of that adhesive tape might come in handy here, too).


Close opening with stitches

Close the pillow opening with an invisible slip stitch. If you’re unfamiliar with the technique, here’s an easy tutorial.


Ribbon pillow and accent pillows

Place the finished pillow as an accent on a bed or chair and enjoy your handiwork. See the rest of this colorful updated bedroom decor here.

© Caruth Studio

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