Give your bedroom a style and color update in an afternoon with this easy headboard upholstery project.


Upholstered headboard under a feathered pendant lamp

Midnight-blue velvet and oversize brass nailheads make the perfect dream team when it comes to tailoring a headboard. The only tools you’ll need are a hammer (for tapping in nailheads) and a staple gun for attaching fabric and padding to the back of an MDF board.


Upholstered headboard detail

The higher you make the headboard, the more dramatic it will look. To get the height right, do a test run. Outline an imaginary headboard on the wall with painter’s tape, then stand back to evaluate.


Upholstered headboard materials for creation

What You’ll Need


Layers for upholstered headboard


Lay uncut fabric facedown on a large, clean work surface. Add a single layer of batting. Top with the MDF.


Cut fabric and batting so an extra 3 inches is allowed on each vertical and horizontal side of the MDF.


Starting in the middle of one side, wrap the fabric and batting around to the back of the MDF. Secure with staples, leaving corners open. Repeat steps on the opposite side, pulling the fabric and batting taut as you go. Repeat steps on remaining two sides.


Cutting corners for upholstered headboard


For neat corners, clip out a square notch of the extra batting and fabric, then tuck them in so they lie flat.


Flip wrapped MDF to the front and carefully tap in the nailheads (spaced about 5 inches apart) with a hammer.


Attach the headboard to the wall using interlocking Rockler wall cleats (one attached to a wall stud, the other to the headboard). Check package for directions.


Detail of bedding and headboard

Using a solid-colored fabric shows off the trim and makes it easier to coordinate bedding.


Pillows against upholstered headboard

Choose patterned bedding and pillows like these in a high contrast color for a lively look. Or opt for the serenity of a monochromatic scheme with pillows and bedding in lighter shades of blue.


Upholstered headboard

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Photography by Chris Hennessey
Produced by Katie Leporte


© Caruth Studio

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