If your bed is a featureless foundation there’s no reason to give up on a stylish look. Instead, create a statement-making headboard with wood veneer in just a few hours and for less than you’d pay for a haircut.


Plaid pattern veneer headboard

Create a woven or plaid pattern (loving the plaid trend right now!) using wood veneer that comes on a roll from any hardware store. Staple the weave to a frame built simply from art canvas stretchers. (All you do is notch ‘em together! No nails, no glue!)


Veneer headboard detail

Show off bold wall color by layering veneer strips to create a peekaboo plaid. Go freeform (like ours), or go classic with a gingham, windowpane check, or tattersall pattern.


Veneer headboard materials

What You’ll Need



Create the headboard framework by notching together the stretcher pieces.


Using scissors, cut varying widths of veneer strips that reach from the top stretcher to the bottom one.


Staple veneer strips to stretchers


Attach strips vertically, stapling ends to the back of the top and bottom stretchers.


Weave strips horizontally through the vertical ones to create a plaid pattern. (Or simply layer them to create a woven effect.) Staple the ends to the backs of the sides of stretchers.


Attach the headboard to the wall with wood screws.


Bedding color and pattern

The simple wood construction of the headboard calls for an all-out splash on colorful and patterned bedding and window treatment.


Bedside garden stool

Accented with fresh fragrant flowers and the gleam of gold, of course.


Woven veneer headboard

A fresh new look for your bedroom in an afternoon! Don’t miss our next headboard and check out these clever ideas.


Photography by Chris Hennessey

Produced by Katie Leporte


© Caruth Studio

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