Get ready to craft a fresh image and personal style for your decor using your cache of photographic memories, and have some fun doing it. The great news is you don’t need a lot of time or artistic talent to create these cool, stylish displays. Each idea is super quick and simple—not to mention easy on the budget. Just set aside a few hours and gather some basic tools and supplies.


Bulletin board photo display

Paint, as well as colorful string and yarn wound around brass tacks, transforms an ordinary corkboard into a 3-D work of art in its own right. Tuck treasured photos and keepsakes between the stretched, crisscrossed strings to create easy-to-change displays.


Heart string bulletin board

Gather Your Materials

Plain cork bulletin board

White paint and brush

Brass tacks


Heart pattern

Assorted string (we used blue and hot pink)


Bulletin Board with String and tacks with heart layout template


Paint plain bulletin board white. Let dry.


Fold a large piece of paper in half and cut a curve, open up for a symmetrical heart shape to fit within the board.


Lay heart shape onto bulletin board and attach gold pins at even intervals (about 2-3” spaced apart). Remove the heart pattern.


String wound on tacks


Wrap twine and yarn around the gold tacks.


Secure the string under the tacks with a knot, clip the extra length.


Layer pictures and cards within the string. Hang sweet little keepsakes from the pins.


Photo display on wire whisk

Coils on a vintage whisk also serve as a charming photo holder on a desktop.


Photo inside glass jar

Or, decoupage a print to the inside of a glass jar using Mod Podge to create a sweet spot for art brushes. Let photos curve freely inside a jar for a changeable display.


Cork knob photo display

A spiral place card holder pushed into a cork glued to a wine stopper makes another pretty photo display.


Photo pillow on a clear acrylic chair

Use an online photo printing service, such as, to reproduce images of your favorite lovelies on a custom pillow, front and back.


Photography by Jay Wilde

Produced by Katie Leporte

© Caruth Studio

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