Upgrade a lackluster bedroom or bath by adding a pretty makeup vanity (aka dressing table) with cleverly configured holders.


Dressing table overall

A large round mirror oversees a midcentury-style dressing area with a clean-lined desk-turned-vanity and a molded-plywood chair. Racks for jewelry, fingernail polish, and scarves boost the dressing table’s storage capacity.


Hanging racks

Wall-mounted organizers expand the amount of storage available at your fingertips. A bar of hanging hooks next to the vanity is ideal for keeping necklaces organized, tangle-free and ready to wear at a moment’s notice. Nail polishes in favorite hues line a small rack attached to the wall with screws.


Hanging scarves

On the other side of the vanity, a wall-mounted rack provides a spot to hang scarves or shawls. Another small container stores lipsticks and lotions.


Acrylic containers for makeup supplies

On the vanity surface, an acrylic tray paired with upright containers hold daily grooming and makeup needs. For a repurposed option, keep your grooming aids and makeup brushes at the ready by stashing them (bristles up) in a glass jar partially filled with marbles, pebbles, or beads.


Purple Orchid and containers on top of vanity

Brighten your daily routine with a pretty plant or a faux flowering orchid that always looks gorgeous no matter how brown your thumb may be. A pair of lidded acrylic jars keep cotton balls and swabs accessible.


Cactus Jewelry dish

A jewelry dish is useful for catching baubles at the end of the day. This cute little ceramic cactus is a great spot for corralling rings.


Vanity table and chair

Opt for a vanity or dressing table with a single drawer. It will help to limit your cosmetic and grooming stash and focus on what you really need at hand on a daily basis. Use clear acrylic dividers to keep the drawer tidy.


Vanity and mirror


ORGANIZED DRAWERS Consider what needs to be concealed. Think messy makeup, expensive jewelry, nail and hair care tools. Use drawer dividers and lining paper to prevent a junk drawer look.

WELL-ORDERED COSMETICS Employ transparent boxes, glass jars, and racks to hold makeup, brushes, fingernail polish, and cotton balls and swabs in clear sight. Acrylic drawer inserts separate cosmetics by type.

PERFUMES ON PARADE Set out your perfumes and lotions on pretty trays of assorted sizes and colors. Mirrored trays lend extra sparkle.

ACCESSORIES IN THE OPEN Display jewelry on stands, ring holders, and tiered trays; in clear boxes or jars; or in velvet-lined drawer dividers made especially for jewelry.


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