Give your rooms clever, personal focus with these snappy photo projects you can make in a flash!


Grid of wood plaque photos on a blue wall above a green and white buffet

The square format of Instagram photos yields immediate graphic appeal when you group images symmetrically on a wall to create a grid effect. Clip each print onto a square wood plaque for natural warmth and a big boost in visual impact. If you don’t have tools to cut wood boards down to size, no worries. Most home improvement stores will do the cutting for you for a small fee.


Wood plaque with photo

Switch out photos and update your display on a whim with this clever wood plaque project. Tiny clothespins (available online and at local craft stores) secure to the front so you can easily change up your featured image.

Gather Your Materials

  • 6 12” x 12” pine wood squares
  • 6 sawtooth hangers
  • 6 instagram shots or square family photos
  • Miniature clips (get a pack of six at any crafts store or larger quantities at online sources)
  • Tape measure/pencil
  • Wood glue
  • Mini spring clamps (to hold the clips to boards while drying)



If you purchased a panel, cut wood down to size: six 12”x12” squares. Usually if you purchase the lumber at the hardware store, an associate will cut them down to your sizes or you can order 12-inch-square plaques online.


Sand any rough edges, add sawtooth hangers (the softer the wood, like pine, the easier it is to press the sawtooth hangers in.) Make sure the grains are all running vertically, the same way.


Measure and mark for the clothespins’ placement about an inch or so down from the top of wood square, and centered on the width.

Tip: Clip a photo on and test out the placement first.


Add wood glue to backsides of clothespins, place on spots marked on the square.


Clamp and let clothespins dry.


Arrange artwork in a grid above a larger piece of furniture, like this sideboard, in a dining room. The perfect spot to display family pictures.


Black and white photo over sofa

A wood stretcher frame, an oversize print of your photo from a copy store, and decoupage medium add up to this dramatic eye-catching artwork you can make in an afternoon.

Gather Your Materials


Painted edge of black and white photo


Construct the frame using the wood stretchers.

Tip: Make sure the corners are square, at 90-degree angles.


Paint edge of frame in neon pink. Let dry.


Lay printout flat, face down.


Apply glue to front of frame, and lay frame down over the top of the image. Clamp, and let dry.


Trim edges carefully with a metal ruler and a sharp craft knife.


Photo project ideas

See more creative ways to add photographic memories to your decor in our upcoming photo project posts!


Photography by Jay Wilde

Produced by Katie Leporte


© Caruth Studio

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