Add a little sass to your decor with color-drenched tassels and pom-pom projects. They’re all crafted from yarn or cord; they’re all simple to make; and they’re all easy on the budget. And there’s a bonus: You don’t have to make a big commitment. After all, you’re not painting walls or installing carpet. You might even have enough yarn in your stash to make a project tonight.


Pom-pom flowers in vases

Pom-pom flowers always look fresh and fun. Plus, you can customize the “blooms” to suit any color palette.

What You’ll Need


Wrap yarn on pom-pom maker


Using a pom-pom maker in a size of your choice, wrap each arch in a yarn color of your choice. To make a solid colored pom-pom, use the same color on both arches.

For a speckled look, wrap one layer of your main color. Then wrap 2-3 strands across with contrasting color. Wrap another layer of main color and repeat with contrasting color.

For a blossom affect, use 2-3 colors in varying hues. Start in the center and wrap the lightest color 10-20x. Wrap around the center with 2 layers of coordinating color. Wrap around that layer with 2 layers of coordinating color.


Yarn wrapped on pom-pom maker

Finish wrapping with the main color. For the other side of the arch, use only the main color.


Cut and tied pom-pom


Snip the yarn in the middle of the arches along both sides. Use 12 inches of wax beading cord or waxed floss and place it around the middle of the arches. Tie it once together very tightly. Flip it over and tie in a double knot.


Trim pom-pom


Open up the arches and pull apart. Trim the loose edges of the pom-pom until you have a perfect sphere.


Flower pom-poms and pom-pom maker


Place a dab of hot glue on the end of the floral wire. Insert the wire into the middle of a pom-pom and left cool. Repeat for other flowers. Trim floral wire with a wire cutter to a height of your choice.


Yarn pom-poms and tassels

Neutral rooms secretly yearn for a chance to shine. So inject a vivid color palette with pom-pom garlands and tassels made of the brightest yarns you can find.


Dining table with pom-pom garland detail

This dining area gets extra bursts of color from coordinating table decor and chairs.


Garland with pom-poms and tassels

Add bohemian flair to a plain white tablecloth by attaching a pom-pom garland embellished with tassels. Metallic-gold cording adds a subtle sparkle to the garland. Here’s how to make it.

What You’ll Need


Make poms of different colors—we used hot pink, bright blue, orange, yellow & fuschia.

String together on gold cord, spacing about two inches apart, and attach to white tablecloth. Create some solid color poms, but also ones with injections of contrasting color.

No tying off needed when you add other colors in, just cut and continue wrapping with the other color! Experiment with different colors, positions on the pom tool, and amounts. You will be hooked on such an easy way to create one-of-a-kind variations.



Making tassels is so easy! Just wind yarn about 20 times around a 6-8” piece of cardboard (depends on what length you want). Snip through the yarn on one side. Pull off the board and tie at the other end to secure. Then tie again about a half-inch or so down from the top with a different color, creating a loop. Attach these to the garland at the corner or the table, or onto gift tags and gift boxes.


Dining table with pom-pom garland


If you choose cheerful colors, you can create whimsical boho chic to get the rest of your space ready for entertaining.

See our next post for more pom-pom decorating ideas and check out this post for additional tassel-making techniques.


Easy DIY Ideas: How to Make Tassels


Photography by Jay Wilde
Produced by Katie Leporte


© Caruth Studio

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