Get ready for New Year’s celebrations with a unique bar setup that’s as much a focal point as it is a libation station.


Bar with everything closed

Almost any cabinet can function as a bar. But for something with a high conversation quotient, watch flea markets and troll antique shops for a cool midcentury modern piece, such as this compact drop-front mirrored bar. We found it tucked away in an antique mall booth for $75.


Bar with bottom cabinet open

Alcohol and mixers fill the bottom cupboard. Sliding doors keep liquor supplies stylishly out of sight.


Bar with top cabinet open to reveal glasses and liquor

The cabinet requires little floor area yet offers abundant space inside for stemware and glasses of various sizes. The tiered rack doubles the storage capacity. A tubular bulb lights up the interior.


Close up of open cabinet

The drop-down front becomes a sturdy surface for mixing drinks and offering garnishes. A mirror in the back reflects the sparkling glassware and creates an illusion of greater depth.


Close up of cabinet top where a boomerang dish sits in front of a guitar pick shaped art piece hung on the wall

Era-apt artwork increases the vintage vibe and balances the wine storage on the other side of the bar. Use the top of the bar to store additional glasses and to serve snacks.


9 Bread pan wine storage hung on the wall next to the bar

There’s no rule that says you can’t have fun with wine storage, as this creative solution demonstrates. Vintage and character-rich commercial bread pans, hung on the wall, hold a selection of favorite wine bottles.


Close up of wine storage

Since the bread pans and full bottles are weighty, this storage option works best when you can screw the bread pans directly into a wall stud. Use two-inch wood screws at top and bottom of each rack to make it secure.


stocking a mid century bar animation

Got your beverage station all set up? Get it party-ready with our steps to stocking your bar here).


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