Karla Ritchey’s McKinney, Texas, garden is a decorative tour de force of the art of repurposing. But she also turns her talents to embellishing the hardest-working element, too—her custom-made potting bench.


Vintage potting bench detail

Karla painted the bench with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen to give it an aged look and protect it from the elements.


Vintage cast-iron sink with a watered hosta in a pot

The potting bench houses one of Karla’s favorite finds: a white cast-iron sink. “I’ve hauled this old sink around with me for about 15 years,” she says. “I finally hired someone to build a potting bench to hold it.”


Vintage wedgwood stove leg

The lower part of the bench showcases shapely metal legs from a circa 1920s Wedgewood cook stove.


Clay pot with tools

Karla organizes her garden tools in homey containers: baskets, clay pots, and a vintage commercial bread pan.


Vintage metal grate

A decorative metal grate adds distinction.


Vintage galvanized watering can

A vintage watering can help keep plants hydrated in the outermost reaches of the yard, beyond where a garden hose can reach.


Dragonfly on watering can

A magnetic dragonfly decorates the watering can in between chores.


Vintage spade on wooden fencing

Gardening shovels, rakes, and forks hang in the storage area nearby.


Garden fork on wooden fencing

Old galvanized gutter straps hold them upright against the fence.


Clematis on pole

Purple Clematis winds around a pole in front of the bench.


Hanging pot and greenhouse hoops

Around the bench and along the fence, arched metal hoops from an old greenhouse will soon be covered with trumpet vine. A vintage motel chair back provides decorative support for a hanging plant bracket.


Chair and fireplace

A comfy adirondack chair and fire-pit near the bench offer a cozy spot to enjoy the view.


garage wall

Across from the bench, the side of the garage wears a stained-glass window Karla found by the side of the road. She added the mirror to reflect other garden features.


Vintage golf ball washer

Near the garage side door, an old golf ball washer on a stand becomes an eye level plant container.


Styled by Carla Sayklay, Vintage Chic Trading Co.


© Caruth Studio

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