If you’re like me, the coolest weather for outdoor summer projects has past, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about the next thing or reflecting on the work I’ve already done this year!

With this in mind, I’ve pulled together a few things that have inspired me over the last few months. This is also a great opportunity to pat yourself on the back for all the amazing things you’ve done so far. Perhaps you’ll remember some of these projects and find new inspiration as well.


White flowers in vintage vignette

If you’re lucky enough to have tons of garden blossoms, bring some indoors and brighten up your living space with ideas from the post about Flea Market Floral. You may be surprised that many of the vessels you may have stashed away will make really cute vases.


compete potted umbrella stand

Or, how about this idea for a Planted Umbrella Stand?! Honestly, my outdoor umbrella stand did not make it through this summer. I think I’m going to use this one—it looks WAY better than a black concrete disk that was originally holding up my umbrella…


Finished chair planter

Come to think of it, anything that’s reached the end of its intended usefulness can be reborn as a planter. Take this chair for instance. There is no such thing as too many planters—or plants for that matter. And if you’ve got a bare patch (thanks to summer heat, drought, or Japanese beetles), this is an easy fix!


Mosaic steppingstone octopus

You’re probably seeing a theme here: what once was broken can be remade as something new. This mosaic octopus is too cute for words. If you have a bunch of chipped plates, or if you’re like me, STILL uncovering broken glass in your yard, turn it into a sweet mosaic—see a grouping of possible designs and projects here.


Clay pot edging

A clay pot border. I actually really like this idea, because who hasn’t broken an inordinate number of these clay pots? They’re lovely as planters, but they make a nice and easy garden edging. If clay pots aren’t your aesthetic (and even if they are), there’s a number of different  ideas in this post.


Planted vintage funnels

If you’ve found some cool pieces at a local flea market or tag sale, more than likely you can put plants in them and soften their rough edges. We’ve collected several planter ideas from items found at typical flea markets.

Don’t know if there’s a flea market near you or around the corner on your summer travels? Check out our Flea Market Map and see what’s going on where you are.


It’s possible you are working with an entirely blank slate and feel grumpy about the idea of investing too much in a single space. Well, it doesn’t take much to really transform even a blank cement slab into a place you’ll want to hang out. Check out what we did to this restricted rental patio.

It’s that time of year when flea markets abound and retailers are putting their summer furnishings on sale. Perfect timing for even small outdoor updates and alterations.

Good luck on your budget-friendly upgrades. We’d love to see what you’ve done!


© Caruth Studio

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