A hot bowl of chili conjures thoughts of cool weather and cozy meals. Capture those sensations at an easy-breezy autumn outdoor get-together that makes you feel warm all over.


Chili_party table spread with food and flowers

A table laden with delicious sides, toppings, drink and dessert is the star of this gathering.


bandana table runner

Start with a simple burlap tablecloth then top with a bright patterned runner made from inexpensive bandanas. Making the runner is simple: place two bandanas right sides together and stitch together on one side. Add another bandana to the side opposite the stitched seam, right sides together again, and stitch together. Continue adding bandanas until you have a runner 24 inches longer than your table for a 12-inch overhang on each end.


bandana cutlery holders

Use extra bandanas as napkins for each place setting. Group flatware inside the cloth and wrap with jute twine.


bandana cutlery holder in mason jar

Pop the napkin in mason jar glasses or lay the wrapped flatware on each plate.


chili party serving bar

Set up a serving table near the dining area.


vintage scale with grapes on it

Throw in some fun vintage elements, like this old kitchen scale for a bit of character.


vintage tin picnic basket

Stash extra cutlery and dishes in picnic baskets and hampers.


antique metal bucket filled with ice and beverages

Fill an enameled tub with ice to cool down soft drinks, water, and beer.


Chili party with a pitcher of delicious looking sangria

For a full-bodied beverage, try this flavorful 5-fruit sangria. Get the recipe here.


outdoor paper lanterns strung from the tree

Then, light up the evening with these fun inflatable and solar powered lanterns.


meat and cheese tray

While the chili’s bubbling away, keep your guests happy with some easy nibbles such as a charcuterie plate


chili party fruit and cheese spread decorated with flowers

Or opt for the tried and true (and simple!) appetizer combo: cheese and fruit.


topping hot chili with cheddar cheese

Don’t miss our next post for the main event: the chili!


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