Stash everything you need for hosting movie-night guests attractively and efficiently within steps of the party.


Celebrate family movie night! Whether it’s a summer night under the stars with a projector and screen, as we did last summer (which was so much fun!), or a gathering in the den in front of the TV, a film festival is more fun with all the guilty pleasures of a hometown theater or drive-in.

Fully stocked Concession cart

Let the good times roll! Serve snacks from a vibrantly hued cart stocked with concession-stand favorites. With a fully stocked cart, you’re ready for movie night whenever the mood strikes.

beverages Concession stand

Dedicate space on your server for bottles of old-fashioned soda in a variety of flavors. Don’t forget to include a bottle opener. Attach it to the cart with a magnet or loop it through the metal mesh with a lanyard so it doesn’t wander away.

Stack disposable cups on one side along with a carafe of tall straws. (Keeping the straws stashed compactly prevents easy tip-overs—the voice of experience talking here!) Place a large, watertight bucket of ice with a scoop nearby if you’re hosting a crowd.

candy on Concession stand

Devote the next tier of your cart or a space on your serving area to a fun and nostalgic selection of boxed candy.

popcorn on concession stand cart

Finally, make room for plenty of popcorn. Include kernels and oil or microwave popcorn and popcorn bags or cups. Don’t forget the seasonings.


The sound and smell of popping popcorn adds to the ambiance. A microwave or stovetop will do the job. But, if you prefer the matinee experience, set up a popcorn maker, like this Great Northern Popcorn machine (on sale on Amazon!) on a countertop or stand.


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