Put together a simple and elegant thanksgiving tablescape with these easy ideas using things you may already have on hand.


fall themed table settings and layered center piece for multiple layers of interest

I don’t know about you, but one of the hardest things for me to do after fall is to get rid of the plants, flowers and produce that may still be flourishing. You know they’re doomed with the coming cold, but still. So why not weave fall flowers, herbs, squash and pumpkins into your Thanksgiving table decor and get both an economical and eye-catching centerpiece?

assorted pumpkins in yellow, white, orange and gray

White pumpkins are just a boon to fall decorating, don’t you think? Is it a Lunar, Flat White Boer or a Caspar pumpkin? I’m not sure how you tell the difference but it anchors one end of the tablescape beautifully.


pheasant figurine with pumpkins and autumnal place setting

And how visually compelling is this Marina di Chioggia pumpkin? It’s a favorite source of squash ingredients in Italian pastas and is covered in bumps known as “sugar warts,” which are created from the buildup of extra sugars in the squash’s skin and flesh. Soooo, maybe the pumpkin version of cellulite.

A bunch of mini pumpkins and a Porcelain Doll pumpkin (love these names!) surround this warty and wonderful specimen.


detail of the pheasant figurine nestled between pumpkins

Break up the dance of pumpkins down the table with a colorful statuette or figurine. This fantastic pheasant does the trick. Talk about a beady-eyed stare, though!


overall of six place settings at the fall themed table with a pheasant statue among the pumpkins

A Great White pumpkin provides a backdrop for the bright hues of the bird statue and balances the white winter squash at either end of the table.


potten rosemary and pumpkins

Rosemary is very tricky to keep through the winter in cold climates. Repot it in a larger container to overwinter indoors (it won’t survive if it’s pot-bound). Then, make it a star of the Thanksgiving tablescape. The wonderful fragrance will add to the scrumptious aroma of the meal.


flowers in a vase in front of pumpkins and antlers on the table

Little pots of bronze mums add vivid color to the tablescape. Warty squash and deer antler sheds provide interesting texture.


twigs, flowers and potted rosemary and thyme center piece with pumpkins in the background

Turned on its side, a Speckled Hound pumpkin offers more of the orange color along with a unique pattern on this end of the table.


pumpkin table center piece with white, orange and yellow pumpkins

A large Hubbard squash in cool blue-gray tones has an elongated shape that contrasts well with the rounded forms of the pumpkins.


pumpkins, potted thyme and flowers in a ungulate shaped vase

A pot of fragrant thyme injects more fresh greenery that balances the container of rosemary.


table center piece of pumpkins, flowers and autumnal themed statues

Ceramic deer head vases filled with yellow mums punctuate the display on both ends of the table. And we finish here as we started with a last white pumpkin.


fall place setting with pumpkins in the background with golden wine glass, twig placemat, silver fork and autumn leaf motif place setting

Like the centerpiece, we’ve kept dinnerware and linens simple with rustic twig placemats, solid glazed plates and amber-hued goblets.


autumn leaf motif on a dinner plate sitting on a yellow charger topped with a golden-brown linen napkin with a leaf napkin ring

Pattern comes to each place setting with leaf-painted vintage salad plates. A bronze leaf napkin ring echoes the motif.


ten person table with fall themed decoration and place settings on an outdoor patio

Displayed as decorative objects down the table, these simple harvest elements embody the season and the abundance that’s celebrated at Thanksgiving. Have a happy holiday, everyone!

Photography and styling by Carla Sayklay, Vintage Chic Trading Co.

© Caruth Studio

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