Are you looking for some eggs-cellent last-minute inspiration for your Easter celebrations? Try these easy ideas for decorating and dining.

BHG shaving whipped cream eggs

You don’t need a design degree to create visually stunning Easter eggs. This BHG feature shows you some knockout ways to put your own unique spin on egg decorating.


You can raise chickens who will lay you beautiful eggs in shades of blue, green, pink, cream, brown and white…or you can let Queen of the Coop, Lisa Steele, show you some of easy, fun natural ways to dye your eggs.

Herb stenciled egg

Make dashing designs with herb stencils. See how here.

Painted wood easter eggs

Decorate wooden eggs for a long-lasting Easter table centerpiece. Another plus is that, you can leave them up for the season and not have to worry about that past-their-sale-date smell!


Or create the ghost of the shell with yarn! Either way, they’ll last you a lot longer than the real thing.

egg biccies last grande

Got felt scraps in your craft closet? Make these adorable felt Easter eggs to fill your favorite bunny’s basket.


Crack a few eggs and whip up some fantastic Easter brunch dishes.


Or include easy-to-make classic deviled eggs. They aren’t really my thing, but most people love them!

Find things that you or your company will love this Easter.

Wishing you a happy Easter and sensational Spring!

The Caruth Studio team


Featured image: Photo by Daniel Jericó on Unsplash


© Caruth Studio

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