Now that air mattresses have had an upgrade, you’re ready for overnight visitors whether you have an extra bedroom or not. The holidays often mean an influx of overnight guests but where do you put them all when every room is allocated? Try this easy idea for an instant guestroom to give extra overnighters a comfy spot to sleep with a bit of privacy thrown in.


Instant guestroom console

Make way for company! A console table is a great stand-in for a headboard or nightstand.


Instant guestroom step 1

Your guests will appreciate having a convenient place to keep eyeglasses, phones and other necessities handy. The lamp is a must for nighttime reading or safely navigating an unfamiliar space.


Instant guestroom step 2

Visitors who can no longer crash comfortably on the couch or floor will enjoy Grandin Road’s steel-framed EZ Bed. The twin- or queen-size models have the same dimensions as traditional beds—including height. Store the bed in its compact wheeled zipper bag, then roll it out at bedtime.


Instant guestroom step 3

The instant bed can be out of the closet and ready for use for spontaneous sleepovers in just a few minutes. Simply plug it in and press a button.


Instant guestroom step 4

As the mattress fills with air, the bed frame slides out and unfolds automatically.


Instant guestroom step 8

Stand by during the three-minute inflation time so you can shut off the airflow once the mattress reaches your firmness preference.


Instant guestroom step 12

Just add your favorite linens for a gracious instant guestroom look. The sturdy twin model claims to safely accommodate as much as 300 pounds of weight, while the queen handles up to 450 pounds.


animation of an instant guest room

Hosting sleepover visits is a great way to strengthen ties with out-of-town family and friends, even without a dedicated guestroom. Clear a corner of the living room for this elevated version of the familiar air bed (dressed to thrill in Kerala Spice bedding from Pine Cone Hill).


Instant guestroom pillows

Add some gorgeous pillows and position a folding screen to ensure your guest’s privacy. Voilà, a B&B!


Instant guestroom step 13

Thanks to our sponsors Grandin Road and Pine Cone Hill, an Annie Selke Company

Photography by Chris Hennessey


© Caruth Studio

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