Let’s be real, not all of us are always on top of the next holiday, or birthday, or anniversary. Valentine’s Day is usually one that sneaks up on me – I could pass it by every year if it weren’t for all the commercials. I fall into the anti-valentine camp. I forget it so often that I’ve collected some simple sweet Valentine’s Day gifts for those last minute, “oh crap! I forgot” moments. And they’ll never know.

If you like the idea of making a forever mug (like the one above) for someone you love, check out this how-to!

Below are more gift and treat ideas for those who love Valentine’s Day and those who don’t.

The Lovers:

darth vadar valentines day card - you're the reason I can't breathe.

It’s hard to choose the right Valentine’s Day card for the right moment in your relationship. Thankfully, Self.com has pulled some lovely cards for every romance. Take your pick!


Adorable Heart Corner Bookmarks

If words aren’t your thing, just show a little love by folding a precious heart and placing it either on a favorite poem, on a picture of you and your boo, or slotting it in the book they’re currently reading. Here’s a how-to from Easy Peasy and Fun.


Valentines Day Chex Mix recipe

For last minute Valentine’s Day potlucks or parties, you’re sure to be loved when you walk in with this simple yet tasty No-Bake Valentine’s Day Chex Mix. Say thank you to the Living Well Mom, who saved our bacon.


Heart-shaped French Toast Churro Bites

Or, just as simple, these French Toast Churro Bites from Vera’s Kitchen Corner. So cute, so bite-size, completely appropriate for kids or adults to enjoy. Plus, drizzle them with or dunk them in chocolate, and you’ve got a party.


Love Potion number 9 cocktail

For the really passionate adults, check this out. A real Love Potion.

I’m so exited to try the Love Potion #9 Martini from the Cookie Rookie. I love everything about this drink. It’s red, it’s mysterious, is billows sensuous smokey tendrils. How could you not?!

NOTE: It contains dry ice. WAIT to drink until the ice devolves – we all know love can hurt, but it shouldn’t burn.

The Haters:

This blog found the perfect anti-Valentines Day cards to send to all your friends and loved ones. I couldn’t pick one, so you can find the whole list here.


chocolate caramel fudge poop emoji love stinks

I laughed out loud when I saw these little guys from Hungry Happenings. They’re fun, they set the tone, and they’re deliciously edible. These Chocolate Caramel Fudge smiling poo emojis are sure to make someone smile.


anti-valentine sugar cookies

If you’re not into giving people poo as a Valentine’s memento, opt for some simple sugar cookies with appropriate tag lines like these.


chocolate domo-kun heart cookies

If words fail you on how much this holiday means to you, opt for something a little more graphic. These Chocolate Domo-Kun heart cookies are cute and fierce.


White chocolate martini

What’s more anti-hearts-and-roses than a martini? No forced romance there. You can have martinis whenever you want. Check out this nice list of unsentimental cocktails. They’re delicious. Cheers to you.

What are your go-to’s for last minute gifts?


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