Assemble a unique potting area using architectural salvage and repurposed artifacts. Give it personality by adding items you’ve collected and make it pretty with a profuse planting of flowering shrubs, perennials and annuals.


door potting bench overall

Your first step toward a functional potting area is to define your workspace. Here, an old salvaged door serves that purpose.


hanging tools from door potting bench

It’s easy to attach a shelf on top for shade and shelter.


door potting bench with metal awning

Or, add an old metal awning for a contrasting “roof.”


door potting bench storage shelves with planting supplies and watering can

Place a small bench on a larger bench. They’re effective for display and keep your door well braced, but they also transform into a work or storage surface.


door potting bench with architectural elements

If using different wood furnishings and architectural elements to make your workstation, paint them the same color for unity.


door potting bench with hanging flowers and hat

Put negative space to work, too. The former window in the old door provides a spot for a flowering focal point—a hanging sap bucket filled with petunias.


fully stocked vintage door potting bench

This original potting station has room for all the tools and tricks of the gardening trade.


hanging tool storage solution

Add cup hooks or nails for holding small tools.


door potting bench with hanging hose

Hang a straw hat and a spare hose from decorative coat hooks.


door potting bench storage shelf

Use wire baskets to store mulch, bulbs and seeds, as well as plant food. You can see contents and it keeps everything ventilated.


storage shelf with bird seed and potting mix

Tin gelatin molds make admirable seed sorters.


cut flowers next to vintage door potting bench

Have a watering can on hand to douse newly potted plants. Keep practical containers available for cut flowers too.


storage tins hung from fence behind vintage door potting bench

Three tin planters (actually joint compound pans from the hardware store), planted with low maintenance succulents, are easy to mount on the fence with screws. They also add a horizontal design element balanced by a vertical vintage flyswatter.


vintage seal with license number

A vintage market porter’s license from London’s Covent Garden adds a bit of whimsy.


vintage hose heads and twine can

Make time for fun as well as for work by shopping for gardening-related vintage finds, such as these three metal hose nozzles. Display them together for maximum impact.


plants surrounding vintage door potting bench

Enliven your potting station with potted shrubs and flowering plants to help it blend with the surrounding landscape.

Do you need some great ideas for flea market plant containers? We’ve got plenty of inspiration for you here. Happy gardening!


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