We’ve made our holiday lists and are checking them twice. And while we’re at it, we thought it might be nice to share some of the items that caught our fancy as we looked for the perfect gifts to match with the interests and passions of our friends and family. With price and practicality in mind, here are our picks:

Gifts for the bartender








Beer Foamer
Good dense beer foam increases the taste, aroma, and feel of the beer. While pouring beer with a bit of splash will create some low density foam, it’s not the effect that beer enthusiasts want at all. The Menu Beer Foamer was invented to separate the foaming process from the pouring process to achieve a crisp, bubbly beer and soft, dense foam—just like draft.






The Craft of the Cocktail
The Craft of the Cocktail is destined to become the bible of the bar. It begins with the history of spirits, how they’re made, the development of the mixed drink, and the culture it created. Then, on to stocking the essential bar, choosing the right tools and ingredients, and mastering key techniques. And the bonanza: 500 recipes, including everything from tried-and-true classics to modern mixology. Throughout are entertaining asides, beautiful color photographs, and a striking design.





La Cite Pitcher & Highball glasses
$92/set of 4 glasses, $68/pitcher
Evoke the old-fashioned cocktail glamour of the 1950s with this ultra-sophisticated collection of barware all in 24 karat gold—a stunning addition to any modern tablescape or bar cart.
52 oz pitcher, 14 oz glasses.






Ice Crusher Mallet with Bag
Crushed ice is a great choice for slushy drinks, juleps, mojitos, or frappes. This ice crusher mallet kit makes it easy to do—simply fill the heavy-duty cotton canvas bag half way with ice cubes and whack away with the wood mallet for the desired consistency. The bag absorbs excess moisture as the ice is crushed.
Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.13.26 AM





Cookies & Corks Wine Pairing Set
Give your wine devotee a unique tasting experience from Cookies & Corks—all natural, gourmet, sweet and savory cookies crafted to pair with wines. Your gift recipient will have fun pairing these cookies with two wines from Joel Gott: Unoaked Chardonnay and Zinfandel. No matter how you mix and match your cookies and wine (each box includes a wine pairing guide on the side), a dynamic combination of flavors will entertain and delight.






BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool
Give the gift of professional bar utensils in one cool tool. Packed with 10 bartending essentials in one sleek design, the Bar10der makes it easy to mix, create, and serve a perfect drink.





The Wine Tasting Party Kit
The perfect gift for the wine lover who also likes to entertain, the Wine Tasting Party Kit features everything necessary to hold an authentic wine tasting—just add the vino! The kit includes a booklet guide to a proper wine tasting, cloth wine bottle covers, wineglass markers, a wine tasting cheat sheet, and 4 tasting notepads so guests can record their thoughts on each new wine they sip.






Finnegans Beer
$8.29-8.99/six pack
When you’re looking for a good brew to bring to a party or include in a gift basket, consider Finnegans Blonde Ale, Irish Amber, or Dead Irish Poet Extra Stout. Finnegans (finnegans.org) was the first beer in the world to donate 100 percent of its profits to feeding the hungry. Finnegans’ mission is turning beer into food. They focus on funding fresh, local produce for those in need. In their own words, “…doing good and having fun are not mutually exclusive.”
Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.56.56 PM




Beer Tasting 5-Piece Set
Another way for your beer fans to enjoy their favorite brews. This beer flight features four 5 oz. glasses numbered 1 – 4 along with a bamboo display paddle. There is no right or wrong way to do a beer tasting. Simply grab four beers, pour and rate with friends. Delivered in a beautiful gift box.

Gifts for the techie

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.20.18 PM
Use Me Laptop Tool Kit
The perfect gift for someone who’s always on a laptop. This 3-in-1 tool kit and desk friend sits nearby and keeps you company when not in use. With his giant smile (one side of head) or his iconic scowl (other side), he helps express exactly what you’re feeling. Pull off his head and the body is an air-poofer to squeeze and blow dust away. His head splits into halves to make a cooling stand for your laptop or for putting your tablet at an angle. Hidden inside his head is a small brush which fits onto the body to use with air-poofing action, or onto the top of your pen/pencil for cleaning all those nasty crumbs from your keyboard.
Made of high-quality silicone, this little buddy is available in red, blue, and green.




Tile tracker
$25 each, $70 for 4 Tiles
Give the gift of peace of mind with Tile, a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that finds everyday items in seconds—like a phone, keys, or a wallet. Attach, stick, or place Tiles inside everyday items and keep track of them in the app.
Here’s how it works: Ring lost items just like you’d call a lost phone. If your Tile is within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it. Give your memory a break. The app automatically records the last time and place it saw your item. So, if you left it somewhere, you know where to look first. Can’t find your phone? Press any one of your Tiles to make your lost phone ring—even if it’s on silent. Still can’t find your Tiled item? Ask others to help and expand your search using all Tile apps in the Tile community. This feature is 100% private, so no one knows you’re looking for a lost item but you.






Space Pack
Gift your techie’s iPhone with longer battery life and additional storage. Space Pack can provide up to 100% extra battery life with the flip of a switch and increase local storage up to 64GB.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.30.48 PM






Polaroid Cube Sports Lifestyle Action Video Camera
The Polaroid CUBETM HD lifestyle action video camera is weatherproof/splash proof, mountable and built to handle everything you can imagine.
Most of life looks great in 720p but for those special moments, change to 1080p at 30 frames per second for stunning full HD playback with the flick of a switch. The sensitive built-in mic ensures that you capture every sound. The high capacity battery records up to 90 minutes.
Shoot still images in full 6 megapixel resolution to snag that perfect shot.
With its 124° wide-angle lens, the Polaroid CUBE delivers footage as large as your greatest adventures. And a tough little rubberized frame makes the CUBE weather resistant and splash-proof.






Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Dock
The Wireless Headphone lets your music-loving techie enjoy great sound without cumbersome cables. This system features a lightweight on-ear headphone that receives sound from a transmitter base when connected to an analog output of any audio source (like a TV, sound system or computer). The sound quality is great; detailed and balanced with good clarity and bass response. This wireless headphone system comes with an easy to use recharging system.






Amazon Echo
Give your favorite techie the Tony Stark home experience. Echo connects to Alexa, a cloud-based voice service, to provide information, answer questions, play music, read the news, check sports scores or the weather, and more—instantly. Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. It’s hands-free and always on. Echo can hear you from across the room—even while music is playing. Echo is also an expertly tuned speaker that can fill any room with immersive sound.






JAM HX-P240DLC-DP Plus Portable Speaker, 2-Pack
For the music lover, give the gift of portable high-quality sound. The JAM Plus wireless Bluetooth speaker is the only JAM speaker that supports pairing two for true stereo sound. it pairs easily with Bluetooth devices, streams music up to 30 feet away, and even offers an integrated speakerphone that instantly transfers from music to conversation. Best of all, you can pair two JAM Plus wireless speakers to your device and play them both for up to six hours between charges.






Pocket Projector Pro
Whether your techie travels to business presentations or hosts gaming marathons and movie nights, the Pocket Projector Pro will be a cherished gift. Perfect for displaying 100″ images (diagonal) from most smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming devices, the projector shows movies, games, and presentations in stunning HD. Dual speakers with volume control let you accompany your video with audio—or add separate speakers.

Post feature image is a public domain photo by Petr Kratochvil.

© Caruth Studio

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