With guests arriving for the holidays, it’s a good idea to kit out your bathroom or guest bath with them in mind. Keep everything tubside within arm’s length with one of these solutions that holds everything you need, whether for a quick shower or a leisurely soak.


Bath cabinet in yellow blue white and orange

Space in a bathroom is always at a premium so furniture has to work hard to earn a place. If you’ve got unused space between the sink and the tub, tuck in a pretty cabinet and dress it up with colorful baskets and fluffy towels. In this cabinet, there’s room for several users of all ages to have a bin to fill with personal grooming items.


Bath cabinet tray

Use a pretty tray on the top of the cabinet to assemble bottles, jars of necessities, soaps, and linens. Add a votive candle for atmosphere during a relaxing soak in the tub.


Bath cabinet drawer

Prevent all those little things from piling up in a drawer. Colorful drawer organizers keep smaller items such as nail polish, nail brushes, lipsticks, and moisturizers gathered together.


Bath cabinet magnetic containers

Store items on the side of furniture to take advantage of unused vertical space. Magnetic containers work well for tiny things like hair barrettes, clips, bands, and bobby pins.


Bath cabinet colander

A colander in the bathroom? You bet! It’s a fun and unique way to dry and store those bath poufs, sponges, and loofahs. Choose a cheery color that complements your room palette.


Tubside hanging basket

Keep things that can get damp in the tub or shower stashed in a breathable container like this handled water hyacinth basket. Hang it near the tub from a towel bar with S-hooks.

Photos by Steven McDonald
Produced by Jodi Mensing Harris


Tubside cart

If your room is very small, you can apply the same ideas from our cabinet to a handy rolling 3-tier cart that can stock tub or shower grooming supplies and stacked or rolled towels.


Tubside cart top shelf

Place washcloths on the top tier of the cart and put soaps in an open container so they’re easy to grab.


Tubside cart bottom shelf

Bath towels fill the center shelf while the bottom tier is reserved for bath salts, toiletries, and lotions.


Hanging locker baskets

Gathering items in wire baskets and clear bins keeps bath paraphernalia contained and tidy while allowing you to see the contents at a glance. These locker baskets can be individualized for your guests so that they can bring them into a shared bath and hang on a towel bar as they bathe. Then, when finished, they can take their supplies back to their room, leaving the bathroom cleared for the next user.


Tubside table

This distressed table offers vintage-style storage at the foot of a cast iron tub. A shallow bin holds toiletries safe on the middle shelf so they don’t slip off. Rolled bath towels fit neatly on the bottom divided shelf.


Tubside table top shelf

Up top, soaps, a bucket holding rolled washcloths, and tub toys are at hand. Bonus storage: there’s a hidden compartment under the hinged tabletop for extra items or those used less frequently.


Tubside footstool

A cute folding footstool keeps things handy for kids (and their parents!) while they’re in the tub.

Photos and styling by Carla Sayklay


Tubside 3-tier organizer

A galvanized stand serves up three tiers of tubside storage. Just about everything a guest could need for a comfy soak or quick shower is here.


Tubside organizer top tier

Lotions, soaps, and guest-size hair products fill the top tier on our serving stand. We’ve also included a candle for a bit of ambiance.


Tubside organizer center tier

Bath salts and brushes offer extra grooming aids in the second tier.


Tubside organizer bottom tier

We’ve added sponges, washcloths, and a bathing mitt in the bottom tier along with a hand mirror for applying lotions or shaving.


Tubside mini speaker

A Bluetooth speaker brings your soundtrack into the bathroom. Whether you want a soothing soak to the sounds of nature or like to sing the top 40 in the shower, this little unit offers great sound.

We’d love to hear how you prep for overnight guests and what little perks and details you prepare for their comfort. Share with us in the comments below or post your thoughts and photos on our Facebook page. And, if you’re looking for ideas on getting your guestroom ready for visitors, we’ve got some suggestions for you here.


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