If you’re desperately in need of inspiration for your Valentine’s Day gifting (it’s almost here!!!) try some of our favorite quick and easy crafts.

Valentine heart teacup

You can make a pretty sweet keepsake in an evening. Everyone enjoys a personalized coffee mug and you can go a little further and fill the cup with chocolates, flowers or your favorite loose-leaf tea or coffee beans.

Valentine conversation hearts

How about a few clever and affordable DIY creations featuring a beloved childhood Valentine candy: Conversation Hearts.

chocolate caramel fudge poop emoji love stinks

Whether you look forward to the holiday or dread it’s arrival on the calendar, we’ve got some gift and treat ideas for those who love Valentine’s Day and those who don’t.

hearts and letters that spell love being poured from a jar on this card

Show a little love by making a Valentine’s Day card with your own fair hand.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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