Make your entry area functional and inviting by creating a thoughtfully arranged landing place for purses, mail, sunglasses, and keys.


Step 1: The first step is placing a shallow cabinet, chest of drawers, or table against an entry wall. Hang a mirror above to allow for a last minute self-check on your way out the door. This narrow oval mirror allows the cabinet to carry the visual weight.


Step 2: Add height and light on the storage cabinet with a tall, thin lamp set to one side, slightly overlapping the mirror. The glass base provides balance without contributing a lot of visual heft.


 Step 3: Balance the vertical height of the lamp with a horizontal stack of large coffee table books set to one side. Don’t stack them too high. Stick to just 3-4 depending on their size. Choose books with spines or dust covers that complement your decor.


Step 4: Top the books with a bowl. Not only will it bring a curvilinear shape to the rectangular stack of books, it provides the ideal spot for collecting loose change, sunglasses, or keys. If there’s room, add a unique piece like our deer shed or a vintage collectible that offers interest or personality without crowding the space.


Step 5: Welcome guests—or just send yourself out the door with a smile—by including fresh flowers in your arrangement. The blooms will add color and life.


Keep the busy entry zone tidy with a cabinet or small dresser that offers hidden storage on shelves or in drawers below to secretly house seasonal items or dog toys and treats. Or opt for baskets beneath a table to corral loose items.


Produced by Molly Reid Sinnett
Photographed by Adam Albright


© Caruth Studio

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