Follow our stylist’s steps to a chic look for your coffee table.


Anchor items on the table with a tray. Choose one that mimics the shape of your tabletop. The color and pattern of this tray helps to break up the large expanse of white. It also provides a protective surface and makes it easy to clear the table for game night.


Those illustrated tomes are called coffee table books for a reason. They rest on a focal point in your living room and announce your passions to anyone sitting on the sofa (they’re also great for sparking a lagging conversation). If you have a long table you can add one graduated stack of books at the other end from the tray for balance. If the table is wide, add two.


Break up the horizontal planes of the table with a vertical piece in the tray. Opt for something with shape rather than straight sides. This vase of flowers brings life, color, and softness to the stone table. The vase should be large enough and the florals tall enough to create a visual balance with the tray.


On the tray, add a decorative element for whimsy, a small sculptural object to spark conversation, or a candle for ambiance and aroma. Select a piece that is smaller than the vase.


Top the stack of books in your tray with a covered decorative box. Select one that is smaller than the uppermost book on your stack and that reflects your decorating style.


Remotes are a fact of our electronic lives but they don’t have to add to the clutter. Tuck clickers for the TV, game console, or fireplace in the box to keep them close by but out of sight.


With just a few accents, you’ve created a personal statement, showcased favorite objects, and tucked away necessities in an attractive way.


Did we miss any must-haves for your coffee table?


Produced by Molly Reed Sinnett
Photographed by Chris Hennessey

© Caruth Studio

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