Bring along furnishings you love to turn a tent into a home, and enjoy nature as some believe it was meant to be experienced—intertwined with low-key luxury.

inviting boho bedroom in tipi with rugs and plants

Beneath this spacious bell tent lie amenities guaranteed to make glamping a swank experience: a queen-size air mattress on a platform (plus pretty bedding), a bedside table for nighttime necessities and a reading nook with a rocking chair, pouf and foot-friendly sheepskin rug. Lighting is provided by the moon, stars and sun.

boho bedroom with rug, bed and nightstand in tipi tent

Start your glamping experience by upgrading that serviceable but plain pup tent to a more sophisticated model with enough height and square footage to accommodate favorite home furnishings. A luxurious bed is a must. Choose stylish furniture (lightweight is good, too) to support what you want to do when you’re done hiking/fishing/taking Instagram photos for the day. Trendy vintage and handmade items, or collectibles from your stash, enhance the visual delight you’ll get from your temporary home.

boho style tipi tent with canvas outdoor chairs

Just two more things to consider: For the ultimate in glamping pleasure, select a campsite with a great view. And if possible, make it a place without bugs. Just sayin’.

boho glamping bedroom

Layering the bed with look-at-me linens expresses the joie de vivre that goes with boho-style decorating. The glorious mash-up of colors and patterns includes a vintage suzani (an embroidered tribal textile from central Asia) and a new floral quilt from World Market.

multicolored and textured throw pillows

Handmade pillow covers from Pier 1 and World Market bring intricate embroidery, vibrant color and sparkling miniature mirrors to the bed-scape.

quilt in woven basket

Mother Nature can chill things out in a hurry, which makes keeping an extra blanket or quilt (our kantha quilt came from Etsy) within arm’s reach a good idea. A two-handle basket is easy to move where it’s needed.

distressed wooden nightstand with potted plant

Distressed paint augments the character of a side table that embellishes this boho base camp with flea market finesse.

metal travel suitcase

A metal suitcase keeps clothing and grooming gear organized and safe from inclement weather. If you plan to stay for a while and have room in the car to pack a couple, live plants offer an organic backdrop.

woven chair with colorful quilts, poof and sheepskin rug

It’s easy to set up a seating area when you bring along a lightweight woven chair. A metallic pouf gives feet a glamorous place to park and a sheepskin rug provides a warm barrier between your tootsies and the cold ground.

boho style crochett blanket

Whether new or inherited from Grandma, crocheted afghans keep campers cozy when temperatures dip. This example gets a textural treatment with a variety of yarn weights and finishes.

boho tassled patchwork poof

Nothing says boho better than a tasseled pouf wearing a vibrant cover made from vintage Indian saris, lehengas and wedding dresses. A pouf can be used as footrest, side table or extra seating.

african carved wood and hide drum

An African drum sets up as a lightweight side table by the chair that’s just large enough to hold a book, journal or a drink.

woman writing in her diary

Forget roughing it. With a luxuriously furnished tent, your camping experience can be as relaxing as a stay in a five-star hotel.


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