Plan an Antiquing Getaway: Our Vintage Flea Market Map

We’ve been planning our trips to flea markets this spring and since we know many of you enjoy them as much as we do, we’re launching our Flea Market Map with the help of Latitude Mapping Solutions LLC. The map breaks down what’s on in each season or you can check it month by month. And if you know of a great show that’s not on the map, we’ve included a form you can fill out to call it to our attention.

Screen Shot of Spring Map

click the image to go to the interactive Flea Market Map

Take a look and let us know what you think of our market map in the comments below.

And have a great time this flea market season!


© Caruth Studio

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  1. Debra Steilen

    Love the interactive map! Makes me wish I had a big truck and a driver to take me around the United States looking for treasures! Um, do you have room for another shopper?

    • A shopper with keen eyes and a quick wit—you bet! So glad you find the map useful. Let us know if we missed any favorites!

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