Transform a small space into a welcoming guest room with comfy furnishings and thoughtful touches.

Guest bedroom before

Previous homeowners decorated this room for a pre-teen boy so the first step was a simple one: a fresh coat (two, really) of soft blue paint.

Guest room bed

Bed linens in cream and sapphire set the decorating tones in the room. Small bursts of coral shades add warmth.

Ladder with throw blankets

Everyone’s temperature sensitivity differs so it’s a good idea to provide guests with a throw blanket or two to cozy things up if necessary. Display the textiles on a vintage ladder propped against the wall.

Pillows on bed

Tassels and fringe on throws and pillows increase the texture and up the snuggle vibe.

Photo ledges

Staggered display ledges show off prized collectibles like vintage cameras along with framed photos, tiny succulents and accent pieces.

Photos and accents on display ledges

To make guests feel at home, switch out photos to showcase something meaningful to them.

Vintage school desk nightstand

Balance the vintage ladder on one side of the bed with another repurposed piece on the other. This old wood school desk is a nostalgic, two-tier solution to bedside storage.

Stack of books, jewelry bowl and clock on nightstand

On the upper level, an accent lamp shares space with a stack of reading material, a jewelry dish and alarm clock. The bottom shelf of the nightstand can hold a box of tissues, a tray of writing materials or something purely decorative and fun like our light box sign. Start your guest’s stay off with a welcoming message.

Mirror over cabinet

On the wall opposite the bed, a small cabinet offers a place to stash folded items. Include a mirror in the room for primping. Up the comfort factor with an upholstered chair like this one, upholstered in sapphire velvet, next to the closet. Keep the closet rod empty for your guests but include plenty of sturdy hangers and extra bedding, pillows and towels on an upper shelf.

Books on wall racks

Floating shelves over the chair hold stacks of classic novels. It’s fun to color-coordinate them if you can. A small tin globe bank from the early 1930s continues the vintage theme in the room.

Guest bedroom

Sheer curtains let the natural light flood the small room by day while blinds offer privacy after dark. If you want to make certain that your guest room meets your visitor’s needs, spend a couple of nights there yourself to see if anything is missing or needs a tweak to ensure comfort. Happy hosting!


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