Turn a tiny room into a beckoning boudoir with color, pattern and a larger-than-life boho personality.

Small bedroom before

Used by the previous owners as a young girl’s bedroom, this space offered little in the way of square footage but two windows and a simple layout meant it had the potential to be a welcoming guest room for the new owner’s frequent out-of-town visitors.

Small boho bedroom after

Coral walls and gauzy curtains let natural light bounce around the formerly dim interior. Bright patterns enliven the space while cozy textiles promise warmth and comfort.

Nightstand cart

Instead of a standard nightstand, a 3-tier cart offers bedside service on the top level. Nightly necessities like a reading lamp, alarm clock and lidded box for smalls are close at hand.

Jewelry dish on cart

Two baskets offer extra storage below. There’s plenty of room for books, journals, photos, a scented candle and a dish for the day’s jewelry.

Poof and tote bag

When you’re working with a tiny space, you’ve got to make do with what you’ve got. A full size chair won’t fit in here, so a little pouf steps in to add a seating option. A hook on the wall between the window and closet holds a tote bag for stashing anything from scarves to magazines.

Artwork and basket

A brilliant floral painting jazzes up the blank wall at the foot of the bed. In the corner, a woven bin holds clean bedding and extra blankets.

Tapestry and pillows

With space at a premium, even a standard headboard would shave off some needed inches so we opted for a patterned fabric panel (on sale at Target for $11!) on the wall to give visual heft to the head of the bed.

Mirror and fabric panel

This circular rattan mirror (another Target find) perfectly fits the medallion in the center of the fabric panel and adds some much-needed depth to the room. It also helps bounce a bit of light around the space.

Small boho bedroom

A little effort goes a long way in a small room. Invite the natural light in, add some pattern and color, make it comfy and you’re done!


Photography by Chris Hennessey


© Caruth Studio

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